Planning & Environment

Who's in charge of Dublin Bay?

Dublin Bay is under threat. Although the water quality has improved in recent years, the bay currently faces significant...

Lost Limerick

The complete absence of planning, decades of negligence by State services and the refusal to address the needs of these communities have resulted in lost estates in and around Limerick city. Wesley Liddy takes a walk around.

Hanrahan: the epic battle continues

The revival of the memory of heroic battle of the Hanrahan family against Merck Sharpe and Dohme may cause difficulties for the Strategic Infrastructure Bill about to go through the Dáil. By Clare O'Grady Walshe

'Knightsbridge' for Dublin 4?

One man who must hope more than most that the Lansdowne Road redevelopment is not scuppered by objections from local residents to its size is property developer Sean Dunne.

Rossport 'ready for attack by State'

  • 8 February 2006
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2006 looks set to be the make-or-break year in the struggle between Rossport, Shell and the Government, with locals expecting riot police in their community this summer. Micheál Ó Seighin, one of the Rossport Five, spoke to William Hederman


Recent 'highlights'

These are just a few of the findings published in the major scientific journals during the past three months.


Danger in Irish waters

  • 4 January 2006
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A forthcoming survey on otters may reveal high levels of a chemical harmful to human health in Irish water. By Shay Fennelly

The great climate change challenge

Climate change is the biggest challenge facing our society today. Ireland can and should lead the way in tackling this problem head-on, The way to achieve the dramatic greenhouse gas reductions necessary to avoid the serious repercussions of climate change is to implement far-reaching, radical solutions. There is no reason for us to hang back and follow whatever international response may emerge. We must use our initiative and take action now.