Northern Ireland


I    Apocalypse AvertedAt 9.30 on the morning of Saturday, 19th April, this year, a car containing five armed and masked men, drew up outside the home of a farmer, not far from the South Armagh village of Crossmaglen. The men got out of the car and went into the house where the farmer and his family were just finishing breakfast.

A Cross of Wasted Suffering; The Peace People at War

On the day that Anne Maguire cut her own throat with an electric carving knife, January 18, 1980, her sister Mairead Corrigan was in her flat on the Cavehill Road, preparing for a three day trip to Cambodia, where she hoped to join Joan Baez and others in a symbolic march, bringing food supplies to refugees. She had that morning received her injections. A priest telephoned her around four in the afternoon to tell her of Anne's death. She went to the Maguire household.

The Inside Story

Part I: Mount Carmel Encounters

Peter Berry  was admitted to Mount Carmel nursing home in Dublin on September 27, 1969 for examination for an aortic clot.  He had suffered a number of momentary seizures around that time but had delayed his entry to hospital until suitable accommodation became available.  He was eventually accommodated with a private suite at Mount Carmel, which had an entrance through French windows from the gardens.

Inside H Block

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For the first time, a jourbalist writes about a visit to H Block in Long Kesh where over 400 republican prisoners are "on the blanket" demanding special category status.

UDA Plans for Ulster Independence

A UDA committee headed by Glenn Barr has drawn up plans for an independent Ulster incorporating a new constitution, a Bill of Rights and a phased British withdrawal.

Investment in sectarianism

  • 31 October 1978
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How investment patterns in Northern Ireland reinforce discrimination against Catholics. By Ed Maloney