Seasonal adjustments

In the spirit of the recent and highly learned Irish Times leader about the difference between “uncertainty” and “risk”, I will admit that I am “uncertain” about addressing the media coverage of the August stock-market volatility due to the “risk” that the crisis will have passed by the time you read this.

Media Junkie: Pat Wallace

Favourite book:
It would have to be Ireland: Harbinger of the Middle Ages by Ludwig Biller. Makes you feel great about the essence of rural Ireland!
Last book you read:
I have just finished William. J. Smyth's Map-making, Landscapes and Memory: A Geography of Colonial and Early Modern Ireland, C. 1530 – 1750. It's a great achievement.

Irish public life: coarsened and dishonoured

Tony O'Reilly remains a legitimate target of enquire because of his track record and his vast range of corporate interests. Now a section of the Irish media establishment has coalesced to deter inquiry and reward the defenders of privilege. 

Regulating online radio

The future of internet radio hangs in the balance in the US as regulators temporarily postpone a ruling that could shut down many small-scale stations.

Tycoons Tussle for Media Might

In July, Denis O'Brien's Communicorp added Today FM, FM 104 and Donegal based, Highland radio, to its existing stable which includes Newstalk, 98FM and Spin 103. The deal will give O'Brien dominance of national commercial radio and an even greater dominance in Dublin, where he would gain an 83.75 per cent share of the commercial market, and 46.4 per cent of the total market. That's three per cent ahead of RTE.

Now try to concentrate

Notwithstanding the fact that he comes bearing the great gift to popular culture that is The Simpsons, Rupert Murdoch is such an obvious villain that he may distort the arguments about the effects of concentrated ownership on the media. In fact, the academics who study this stuff are by no means agreed on the malign influence of bigger and bigger media companies: some of them, for example, reckon only big multimedia players will be able to rescue journalism from the predicted collapse of print newspapers.