Media Junkie: Pat Wallace

Favourite book:
It would have to be Ireland: Harbinger of the Middle Ages by Ludwig Biller. Makes you feel great about the essence of rural Ireland!
Last book you read:
I have just finished William. J. Smyth's Map-making, Landscapes and Memory: A Geography of Colonial and Early Modern Ireland, C. 1530 – 1750. It's a great achievement.
Daily newspapers you read:
I read the Irish Times everyday and the Irish Independent, the London Independent or the Guardian daily. I love the Irish Independent on Friday and the Guardian review section on Saturdays. This and the Irish Times means I don't have to buy a Sunday paper.
Sunday newspapers you read:
I don't read Sunday newspapers as I also buy Saturday's Irish Independent and the Financial Times and they last me throughout the weekend. I can't abide the dribble/gossip/lifestyle rubbish in the Sunday, even the so-called quality Sundays.
Favourite website:
The National Museum's website, is definitely my favourite! 
Favourite news website:
I don't have a favourite. I prefer to use traditional news media such as radio and television.
Favourite search engine:
My assistant! No wonder I am mad about her!
How much television do you watch:
Most of my television viewing centres around news broadcasts. I try not to miss Newsnight and Channel 4 news. I also watch too much sport!
What television programmes do you watch:
I usually watch the RTE News, the Late Late Show and Tubridy Tonight. I also love the Simpsons (see Guilty Pleasure below!) Parkinson and Jonathan Ross.
What radio do you listen to:
RTE Radio 1, Lyric FM and Newstalk. Anna Livia for Bill Drakesford on Sundays and Sam Smyth.
How much radio do you listen to:
Too much – all day at weekends and most evenings!
Do you blog, if so how often: 
I do not blog.
Guilty pleasure:
My guilty pleasure is watching the Simpsons. I could watch them at any time, in any place, I love the honest way they are portrayed! I also like any programme to do with animals, especially about them in the wild.