With RTE 2 about to begin broadcasting next year, anxieties are developing that the new transmission network will seriously interfere with the reception of British television stations in some parts of the country. Andcoinciding with the imminence of RTE 2, a new system of re-transmission now makes it economically possible to beam the British stations to Cork, Galway and Limerick.

The Irish Times bears its breast

THE RETURN of Douglas Gageby as editor of The Irish Times, hailed in some quarters as a victory for "workers' power", was nothing of the sort. It was a last ditch effort by a desperate manageement to save its business from deepening financial worries, and three months later there is no guarantee it will succeed.

The journalists who have been floating in a cloud of euphoria since Gageby reoccupied his old office seem to have forgotten that the second coming usually presages the final Day of Judgement.