Protestors call for general strike

Hundreds of people gathered outside Leinster House yesterday evening to protest against the €6 billion of cuts and tax increases contained in Budget 2011. By Alison Spillane

[Photo by Carole Craig]

A View from Abroad

I am not Irish. I live in Canada. I do research in Ireland and I have many friends and colleagues here, so I have been following closely the current political and economic situation. I am not directly affected by the terms of the latest austerity budget, and thus, I don't have the vested interest in its outcome that most readers of this blog do. Nevertheless, I write this intentionally as an outsider, to share one outsider's perspective.

Evening Blog - 07 December 2010

22:35 Remember that Gavan Titley, late of this parish, is a guest on tonight's edition of Tonight with Vincent Browne, later on TV3. I'll be back at 7am to earwig in on more RTE and Newstalk post-budget myths. I'll leave you with this from tonight's support liveblogger, Mary Gilmartin:

On the ground resistance

This will be a week of protests so to help you organise your calendar we've collected a list of events below. We'll be updating it throughout the week, so if we've left anything out please mail us - - with details.