We need less consensus, not more

In a conversation on television last week a journalist from a daily newspaper emphasised the importance of getting this budget passed. By Stephen Kelly

It did not matter what "rogue leftists" were saying, the main parties in the Dáil had to get behind this budget because the eyes of the world were on us and there was no realistic alternative plan. I could continue, but I'm sure we are all familiar with the meme by now.

Income inequality will worsen with Budget 2011

Income, access to an adequate income and income equality emerge from the four year National Recovery Plan as key issues of concern. It is certain they will emerge as key issues from the forthcoming budget. By Niall Crowley

The Debt Default Option

It is one of the ironies of the current crisis that some of the most radical proposed responses are coming from relatively mainstream economists – both Irish and international. By Andy Storey

David McWilliams, for example, has explicitly called for a default on Irish debt in the following terms:

Budgetary Concerns

It's budget day tomorrow and people are all screaming and shouting.... "Not me!" We're all looking out for our lot, trying as best we can to maintain some of the material wealth we have become accustomed to. Of course, some of us have become accustomed to greater levels of material wealth than others. By Seamus Bradley

Guess who's having a good recession? Brian Patterson, former Chairman of the Financial Regulator

Last Friday, the Kilkenny Chamber of Commerce held its annual President's lunch at the Newpark Hotel. In an audacious move, the theme of the meal was "A Time for Optimism". And who should address this unfashionable notion? Step forward, Brian Patterson, now CEO of Vodafone Ireland, but until April 2008, chairman of the Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authority. By Roddy Flynn