Reflections on a campaign

The boycott of the household charge is an important point of solidarity in this money-siphoning exercise we know as the recession. And solidarity with others is one of the best ways to overcome the fear that is currently propagated by those in power. By Eoin O'Mahony.

Evening Blog - 07 December 2010

22:35 Remember that Gavan Titley, late of this parish, is a guest on tonight's edition of Tonight with Vincent Browne, later on TV3. I'll be back at 7am to earwig in on more RTE and Newstalk post-budget myths. I'll leave you with this from tonight's support liveblogger, Mary Gilmartin:

Rage within the Machine

One of the sure signs that cages are rattled amongst the architects of this crisis is the anger with which dissent is met. Earlier today Conor McCabe crystallised an excellent argument about mass media doing exactly what they're supposed to do: culminating in shouty rage which is amplified by Frontline and Liveline.