Tributes paid to 'Garret the Good'

"A voice of reason, humanity and integrity," is how former Attorney General Peter Sutherland remembered Garret Fitzgerald this morning as tributes were paid to the former Taoiseach on his passing. The sentiment was echoed by several others who knew Garret Fitzgerald throughout his political and professional career. [Below, articles on Garret Fitzgerald from the Magill archive.]

Anniversary oversight shows our low self-regard

Although not of her making, Irish disregard for the significance of May 17 in Dublin drags Queen Elizabeth into the insult, writes Vincent Browne

Unwittingly, as she arrived in Ireland yesterday morning, Elizabeth was complicit in a belittlement of Irish people; or rather she was compounding a belittlement of Irish people perpetrated by Irish governments and by most of the Irish people themselves.

From ruin to ruination

The tale of modern Ireland as told to Elizabeth II would no doubt be greeted by gales of laughter, writes Vincent Browne

Nine months before she died in January 1901, Queen Victoria visited Ireland for the last time.The visit was prompted by the concern of the British government about the unpopularity in Ireland of the Boer War, and the visit was intended to generate national (British) enthusiasm for the Union. It did so. Victoria was greeted everywhere by cheering crowds.

Internship plan needs monitoring

Monica Lewinsky was the most famous example. The government here is about to bless them and give them respectability. But internships can be a bad thing for the workers, undermining the sacred principle that a worker is worth his keep, observes Angela Long

The ‘jobs package’ is being put through the commentariat wringer. In the background, Taoiseach Enda Kenny is quavering that it is, after all, just a modest proposal.

Seize the nettle - or be stung by Europe

Taxes on those with higher incomes will have to go up if we are to manage our own mess rather than let Brussels and Frankfurt call the tune, writes Vincent Browne

We need to get serious about our politics now – for we have to make choices between policy options, all of which are dismal, but some less dismal than others.

A critical eye on the European project

Europe Day is an opportunity to celebrate the EU, but also a chance to turn a critical eye on the project,  Eoghan Murphy argues

Europe is changing and we’re changing with it, quickly. There is little time to pause and catch one’s breath. Europe Day offers us an opportunity, but we need more such opportunities, and soon, if the people of Ireland and Europe are to continue with the European project.

Wake up, and make a new Ireland

It's time to leave behind mistakes of the past and set ourselves on a different path, says independent TD Stephen Donnelly

Right now we have a choice. We can continue with the sins of our past, or we can wake up, recognise what’s happening, and choose a different path. As a sovereign, democratic nation, that choice belongs to all of us, and to Michael Noonan as our representative.