Technology 010307

2.17 billion around the globe using mobile phones; Low-key response to launch of Vista; Tencent rides the Chinese web wave

Government to review problematic broadband project

The government has announced a review of its €225m infrastructure project to improve broadband services around Ireland after it emerged that there were problems with the initial phase of the project. Village reported last November that the government was to go ahead with the second phase of the €225m project despite several problems with the network.


Drug seizures have little effect

Despite record numbers of drug seizures by An Garda Síochána and customs officials in 2006, there has been no noticeable impact on the availability or price of drugs, or on the numbers of drug users in the country, according to Tony Geoghan of Merchant's Quay drug treatment centre in Dublin. John O'Connor of the Drug Treatment Centre Board says, “Drugs seem to be as available as ever”.