Anne Marie Martin, FG

Anne Marie Martin, Fine Gael, Dublin South Central


Having been interested in politics since childhood, Anne Marie assisted Gay Mitchell on election campaigns, eventually replacing Gay as Dublin Councillor in 2003 when he was elected to the Dail. She held the posistion in the 2004 elections and is now running for general election for the first time. A native of Crumlin, 30 year old Martin is particularly concerned with affordable housing. She sees a need to get more local people involved in planning housing for communities, and access for people in the middle wage brackets to more social and affordable housing. She wants 'the right development in the right areas', with public consultation, with regard for local residents' opinion and the involvement of residents associations. If elected to the Dail Anne Marie would address issues of child protection and child sexual abuse. She has been quite public about personal experience of sexual abuse and believes that people with personal experience should be involved in policy making for child protection. Martin sees herself as a representative of young people who do not have a voice.