Oisin Quinn, Labour

Oisin Quinn, Labour, Dun Laoghaire


A practising barrister specialising in Employment Law, Quinn was elected to Dublin City Council in 2004. His uncle Ruari can only teach him so much according to Oisin, as the TD comes from a different school of electioneering, a time when the campaign was 'a 400 yard dash', unlike the modern 'long distance race'. His constituents are concerned with Health, Transport, Economic growth and Housing. Quinn believes he could solve the problems in the health service, having learned much while serving on the board of Crumlin's Childrens Hospital. He disagrees with Mary Harney's plans for private hospitals, as he believes these will cherry pick the services they provide according to profit, as well as draining the public hospitals of staff. Quinn is optimistic about his prospects in the election.