Shutter and Casandra's dream

Another misguided attempt to re-make an Asian horror film, Shutter centres on newly-weds Ben (Joshua Jackson) and Jane (Rachel Taylor) who move to Tokyo for Ben's job as a photographer.

The Savages and Cloverfield

Directed by Tamara Jenkins, The Savages follows the story of the unfortunately named Savage siblings, Wendy (Laura Linney) and Jon (Philip Seymour Hoffman), who are faced with the tough decision of sending their elderly father into care.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

If anybody should be the new poster boy for “Say No to Ageism” week, it's Harrison Ford. Reprising perhaps his most famous role as the swashbuckling archaeologist, Indiana Jones, in The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Ford proves that at the sprightly age of 65 he can crack whips and solve riddles in dead languages with the best of them. 

TechnoThreads- Fashion of the Future

“Welcome to the world of tomorrow”, a bespectacled goofy scientist delcares in his best science fiction voice to Futurama's Philip J. Fry when he is reanimated after spending a thousand years cryogenically frozen. Visitors to Techno Threads, the latest exhibition at the Science Gallery, should be greeted with a similar refrain.  

Independence Day

If you're a movie buff and have a particular penchant for Independent films, the Independent Film Blog at Suite 101 provides a wealth of information on new releases, festivals and interviews/biographies of indie actors. An indispensible source of information, the site relies on a slew of film buffs and critics for posts on happenings in the indie world.

Blog Missions

If you thought the days of the Christian missionary were long numbered, you'd be wrong. God's word has now reached the blogosphere with 475 missionaries working all over the world in countries such as Nigeria, Bolivia and, eh, Spain, (apparently “increasingly secularised” western Europe needs a reminder of the Christian message) posting online.

A great leader departs, a dear leader arrives

Irish media coverage of the period between 2 April, when Bertie Ahern announced his intention to resign, and 10 May, when his successor, Brian Cowen, returned to his home town of Clara to greet his supporters, had more than a little of the North Korea about it.


Plans, Sections and Elevations is an insightful new art  exhibition that questions the function of architecture past and present.

Peaceful Rioting Strikes Tibet

  • 24 April 2008
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On 10 March, 300 monks demonstrated in Lhasa, Tibet, demanding the release of imprisoned monks. This protest sparked a period of rioting by Tibetans, riots which were violently suppressed by the Chinese state. The riots and their suppression gained widespread publicity in the global media and helped inspire international protests aimed at undermining the Beijing 2008 Olympics along the route of the international Olympic Torch Relay.

Churnalism, vested interests and propaganda

  • 27 March 2008
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In their ongoing rearguard action against encroachment from online media, professional journalistic standards are the newspapers' principle propaganda weapon. Columnist John Waters has, as ever, been in the vanguard. Following an opinion piece in The Irish Times in which he came out against the Internet, he faced off with blogger Fergal Crehan of in a debate on Newstalk. Waters denounced the “poisonous” culture of blogging and contrasted it with the “know your facts, check your facts” tradition of the press.