The Kevin Myers Experience

"Exposing myself to many sensations" The Kevin Myers Experience. Middle England, a place that's proud of being dull, shares this smug sense of itself with one of its best-known exports. The voice of Kevin Myers familiar to other mediums rang hollow on the airwaves. By Marie Louise O'Donnell

Moving stills

Internationally acclaimed Irish artist James Coleman is probably best known for his slide-tape works, whereby he investigates the “psychological, social and historic conditioning of perception”.

For whom the bell tolls

Immortalised in the photography of Robert Capa, the literature of Hemingway and Dali's art, the Spanish Civil War was a turning point in Europe's troubled history. The Instituto Cervantes in Dublin is currently exhibiting a selection of posters from that period sourced from the Pablo Iglesias Foundation Collection.

Irish designs on the Catwalk

Paris, Milan, New York and London, the fashion capitals of the world. Every year fashionistas pencil into their diaries the all important fashion weeks in each of these cities where they can get a glimpse of the coming season's key trends.

Ireland's Weather: Changing Climes

The horrible summers of 2007 and 2008 are insufficient as yet to say that climate change is upon us. But global warming is incontrovertibe, say meteorologists, and  climate change will happen. By Malachy Browne

Graduate Exhibition

Irish art and visual media students have sometimes been criticised for their lack of ingenuity and a perceived weakness in the visual mediums in comparison to their continental European counterparts. (We are after all a nation of story tellers.)  The current exhibition at Lemonstreet Gallery of works produced by students of NCAD, IDAT Dun Laoghaire and DIT blows this theory apart.

Conservation or Destruction? State Management of Skellig Michael

The methodology used by the OPW to conserve the monastic hermitage on Skellig Michael has been the source of controversy in archaeological circles for more than a decade. But the truth contained in a UNESCO study released last month has been clouded in spin. By Siobhán Tanner

The Trouble with Remembering

Susan McKay's new book, 'Bear In Mind These Dead', about victims from Northern Ireland's Troubles, their families and communities, is sensitive and comprehensive. Review by Martin Manseragh.