Blog Missions

If you thought the days of the Christian missionary were long numbered, you'd be wrong. God's word has now reached the blogosphere with 475 missionaries working all over the world in countries such as Nigeria, Bolivia and, eh, Spain, (apparently “increasingly secularised” western Europe needs a reminder of the Christian message) posting online.


Missionary Blogs ( is basically a centralised forum for the many independent missionary bloggers out there. The blogs themselves are interesting, particularly Out There with the Beams, a series of posts from a family working with the Evangelical Free Church of Canada Missions in poverty-stricken Santa Cruz, Bolivia. It's clear from the blogs that the missionary tradition of helping poorer communities is commendable, but the religious zealousness and conditions attached to that tradition are what become most apparent when skimming through the posts.

In one post the bloggers ask for prayers for Australia – a place with many groups who know little about the Lord and do not consider things of eternal value important. Another prays for the millions of unbelievers caught up in the Burmese Cyclone so that they would “see the helplessness of man before the Power that rules the world and fly to Christ who alone delivers from the final cyclone of God's wrath (1 Thessalonians 1:10)”.