Independence Day

If you're a movie buff and have a particular penchant for Independent films, the Independent Film Blog at Suite 101 provides a wealth of information on new releases, festivals and interviews/biographies of indie actors. An indispensible source of information, the site relies on a slew of film buffs and critics for posts on happenings in the indie world.


If you're more interested in the work that goes on behind the camera or are wondering how one goes about getting a screenplay into production, Indie Film Blog offers some interesting and sometimes corny insights. Screenplay writer, J-Alden keeps a diary of his efforts to produce an independent, digital feature film and also offers advice to aspiring film-makers. He wrote the screenplay for the film himself and imposed a time frame of 18 months to get it produced and released. Eighteen months on from his deadline they are still working on it, although the production phase is nearly at an end.