Pint of Plain is yer only man

Brian O'Nolan was a funny man. His Cruiskeen Lawn columns in the Irish Times hilariously desconstructed colloquaial sayings, pompous journalism and godawful clichés. He effortlessly penned anecdotes on the poets Keats and Chapman, attacked Sean O'Faolain - then editor of The Bell - pretentious artists and the 'professional classes'. October 5 2011 marks the 100th anniversary of O'Nolan's birth.

Gay Mitchell represented controversial military dealer at EC

Presidential candidate Gay Mitchell made a representation to the EU Commission in 2009 on behalf of a controversial Ukrainian aviation businessman who supplied Congolese armed forces with military aircraft. The businessman is attempting to reclaim planes confiscated by Ukraine's government in 2001. By Malachy Browne and Graham Stack.

TV3 Presidential Debate 2011

All seven presidential candidates will take part in the 90 minute debate hosted by Vincent Browne beginning on TV3 at 9pm. Below, follow live streams of curated and hashtag-based reaction to the debate.

McGuinness will draw average wage if elected President

Gerry Adams said in a YouTube broadcast (below) on Friday 16 September that Martin McGuinness will draw the average industrial wage if elected President. Sinn Fein's ardchomhairle nominated McGuinness as a candidate for the 2011 Presidential Election. Drawing the average industrial wage is Sinn Fein policy for elected representatives. [Updated Sunday, 18 September]

Guardian revelation on Coulson could be problematic for Cameron

The Guardian newspaper has released a statement regarding the former Tory communications adviser Andy Coulson that could prove problematic for British Prime Minister David Cameron. Prior to the 2010 general election, the Guardian provided information to David Cameron (and the other party leaders) relating to Coulson and the private investigator Jonathan Rees who is at the centre of the phone hacking scandal at News of the World.

Tributes paid to 'Garret the Good'

"A voice of reason, humanity and integrity," is how former Attorney General Peter Sutherland remembered Garret Fitzgerald this morning as tributes were paid to the former Taoiseach on his passing. The sentiment was echoed by several others who knew Garret Fitzgerald throughout his political and professional career. [Below, articles on Garret Fitzgerald from the Magill archive.]

55 children killed in Middle East and African unrest

At least 26 children have been killed and more than 800 injured in violence between anti-Saleh protesters and Yemeni security forces since February, UNICEF has said in a statement. It counts some 55 children that have died violently in unrest through the Middle East and North Africa in 2011. This estimate does not include the recent conflict in the Ivory Coast in which 1,500 people are reported to have been killed in March and April.