Texts and emails, Monday 22 February 2010

Topic: Resignation of Willie O'Dea and the role of the Green Party

Panellists: George Hook (broadcaster, Newstalk), Sam Smyth (journalist and broadcaster), Justine McCarthy (author and journalist, Sunday Times) and Eugene McCartan (Communist Party of Ireland)


I want to know who told the sinn fein councillor what willy said. Willy told the  journalist to check his sources i think there is more to this story than meets the eye I smell a rat somewhere. 

Maire, Wexford

A novel way to fundraise for sports clubs

Two GAA players have developed an innovative website that fundraises for local sports clubs. By Joseph Galvin.

In the midst of the economic recession last summer, Diarmuid Duggan and Noel Furlong realised that local sports clubs were finding it more difficult than ever to stay afloat.