A covert world of communication

A sheltered internet technology created by Meath native Ian Clarke (pictured) has opened an anonymous world of electronic communication to Chinese dissidents and child pornographers alike. By Joseph Galvin

There is no fat in the arts

The arts have endured financial cuts in the last year, and now seems destined to lose representation at the cabinet table in this week's reshuffle. However, investment in the arts brings not just cultural benefits, but financial return. By Joe Galvin.

Go gentle into that good night

Australian Philip Nitschke is possibly the most controversial doctor of present times. Dubbed 'Doctor Death', Nitschke gives advice worldwide on how to carry out a "painless, peaceful and reliable" death by suicide. The organisation he founded, Exit International conducts workshops on assisted suicide. Exit International visited Ireland for the first time this week, and Dr Nitschke spoke to Joe Galvin of Politico at the workshop.

Texts and emails, Tuesday 16 March 2010

Topic: St. Patrick's Day - a national festival or a national shame?

Panellists: Emer Costello (Dublin Lord Mayor), Packie Bonner (former footballer and Grand Marshal for St. Patrick's festival), Dan Boyle (Green Party), Joe Taylor (comedian and actor)

there is always a risk of "secondary abuse" as ye discuss, thru media exposure, investigation and other areas thru "coaching" manipulation, moral indignation AND ALL are damaging to victims, an many to suit their "agendas" conveniently ignore?


58,000 x-rays were not reviewed in Tallaght hospital

The Health Service Executive (HSE) finds itself in the midst of another scandal tonight following revelations that approximately 58,000 x-rays taken in Tallaght hospital were never reviewed by a consultant radiologist.

This follows on from controversies regarding the deaths of children in HSE care and consistent failures to properly vet prospective foster parents, particularly in the Dublin and Cork regions.

Secular option crucial to inclusive education system

Primary schools must detach from religious teaching if the education system is to provide for the preferences of many parents. By Joseph Galvin.

Recently the Irish Times carried out a poll asking parents whether they would favour the Catholic Church relinquishing control of the primary school system. A majority of 61% replied yes. Currently, over 90% of Ireland's primary schools are run by the Catholic Church, a balance that must be redressed if it is to reflect the wishes of parents. 

Texts and emails, Tuesday 9 March 2010

Topic: The state of play in Irish politics

Panellists: Garrett Fitzgerald (former Fine Gael Taoiseach), Joan Burton (Labour finance spokesperson) and Martin Mansergh (Minister of State with responsibility for the Office of Public Works)

ask joan is she wearin the leather jacket for her motorbike to avoid the taxi strike.


Cullen's resignation brings a controversial political career to a close

Martin Cullen today announced his decision to resign from cabinet and as a TD. Cullen is suffering from a severe back ailment which causes him chronic pain, and has forced him to withdraw from politics.

This decision may push forward the expected cabinet reshuffle. Cullen's resignation follows the resignation of Willie O'Dea and Trevor Sargent from their ministries.