Seven big Euro Lies

Since the Irish rejection of the Lisbon Treaty on 12 June, sirens of alarm have shrieked in Dublin, Brussels, Berlin and Paris over the damage this has done to the European Union and threats to Ireland's future participation in the European Union

Let loose the dogs of war


For the first time, the rejected EU Constitution and Lisbon Treaty sought to incorporate into the formal structure of the European Union, the huge European armaments industries. Even following these defeats the European Defence Agency continues to prepare for war and plan future armaments.
By Carol Fox

Birds: Mute Swan

By far the most familiar of Ireland's three swan species, the Mute Swan is the only one that is with us year-round; the other two, namely the Whooper and Bewick's Swans, are strictly winter visitors.

Space: Wobbly stars

The European astronomers who first discovered a planet beyond our Solar System (just a dozen years ago) have now calculated that fully one-third of all nearby stars may have planets circling them that are not much bigger than our Earth.

Media: Lisbon and the Press

The Lisbon Treaty referendum thoroughly dominated press coverage in both the lead-up to the poll and in its aftermath. The most striking thing about this coverage was that every single newspaper, bar none, adopted its proprietor's opinions as their editorial line. So, for example, Rupert Murdoch is a critic of the EU's ambitions to become an independent strategic player.

Hollywood or bust

With Aer Lingus cutting their flights to LA in November the time to mingle with the stars is now. By Eoghan Corry

Agony and ecstasy

"Have you had to do a lot of [dramatic pause] soul-searching? Have you [another emotional pause] questioned your ability? Have you doubted yourself in the last while? I don't mean that in a negative sense.”


Twice the speed on Mobile Broadband

In a few months, both Vodafone and Three Mobile are expected to offer mobile broadband download rates of 7.2 Megabits per second (Mb/s), twice as fast as the present download rate.