Covert online operations

The CIA web site like the organisation itself gives little information away to the general public. There are however some interesting facts and figures available here.

Baloney and Waffles too much to stomach

I have always been a fan of Sean O'Rourke and his lunchtime radio show, News at One, on RTE Radio 1. Informed, intelligent, concise and most importantly clear and easy to understand. There is no waffle on it – a rarity in RTE and elsewhere. You only have to tune in to Ryan Tubridy, Marion Finucane, Pat Kenny, any of them really, to get an articulated truck-load of baloney dumped right on top of you. Not a pleasant experience.

Child sex tourism in Nepal

The children's rights agency, Child Workers in Nepal Concerned Centre (CWIN) was established in Nepal in 1987 to campaign for the rights of the child and against child labour. It is financed by the European Union and Groupe Développement, an international NGO which (according to its web site) works to address the loss of resources and livelihoods of people, growing inequalities in income and access to wealth and resources, and comodification of vulnerable people and children. In December 2003 it undertook a survey of children in Nepal engaged in child sex tourism

Another view of Fairytale in Kathmandu

A hero's tragic flaw is one which is self-inflicted. The poet Cathal Ó Searcaigh welcomes a film crew into his life in Nepal, and the resulting damning documentary, Fairytale of Kathmandu, has become defamatory evidence 

By Dermod Moore 

Delaney saved for now by the Trapattoni rabbit


John Delaney's head was demanded by the soccer public in the wake of the Steve Staunton debacle. He managed to buy time by seeming to stand aside as CEO from the most significant appointment by the organisation he manages and Trapattoni, for now at least, quells dissent. But if that goes wrong…





Loyalists cant save Bertie


Evidence that Bertie Ahern received sums of money far exceeding his official salary in 1994 is now incontrovertible. No credible explanation has been offered for this, although his close associates, current and former, have stood loyally by him

By Vincent Browne 

Ballsbridge High Rise

The proposed development of the Jury's/Berkeley Court site in Ballsbridge with a 37 storey tower and a clutter of eight 18 storey blocks has proved contentious. Village presents two contrasting views: