Home is where the art is

A collaborative project between IMMA's department of education and community and Focus Ireland, a charity fighting homelessness. Together, they have selected 16 works from the museum's collection to mark the 21st anniversary of Focus Ireland. With the historical experience of Ireland as a place of mass emigration and, more recently, its experience as a country of migration, the exhibition examines our shifting concept of the ‘home' as not only a place of shelter, but as a sense of belonging to a community and a culture.

Harvesting the past

Con Houihans columns from the Evening Press are missed by many, but now they have been gathered together in a collection called 'A Harvest'. Rosita Sweetman reviews


A Harvest
By Con Houlihan
Published by Boglark Press

Taxi Drivers issued with new forms of identification

The Commission for Taxi Regulation is to issue all taxi drivers with dashboard ID and a “smartcard” which will show a photograph, name of drivers, licence number and expiry of licence. The smartcard, which will be the size of a credit card, will also contain a microchip allowing the commission's enforcement team to electronically read it and check the taxi driver's identity and licence status. As well as these two identifications the taxi drivers will also be provided with a portable photo ID as well.

Stay the course, pay the price

The Bush administration's new Iraq strategy is the latest phase of an imperial disaster born of ignorance, arrogance and incompetence, says Godfrey Hodgson