What they said about riots

What they said about riots:

Rev Ian Paisley, Democratic Unionist Party leader: "The Parades Commission are to blame for the mess that has been created."

Sir Reg Empey, Ulster Unionist Party leader: "I have been working throughout the week to avoid the sort of deplorable violence that has taken place. While I'm always sympathetic to police, I am shocked at some of tactics being used".

Mitchel McLoughlin, Sinn Féin's general secretary : "The attempt of unionists and the Orange Order to try and blame everyone but themselves is infantile. It is time for its political leaders to grow up. The first step is to take responsibility for their actions."

Tom Ekin, the Alliance Party's Belfast City councillor: "The Orange Order, among others, are stating that no one listens to concerns of Protestants. This simply isn't true. And even if it were, it does not provide an excuse for the kind of rioting and violence that we have witnessed in recent days... I am hugely disappointed that rather than seizing the opportunity to make progress, the Orange Order appears to be intent on going back to the same old routines of stand-off, confrontation, and ultimately, violence."

Pat Convery SDLP, Deputy Mayor of Belfast: "It is rank hypocrisy to seek to explain viciousness away, because it provides political cover for more violence. The SDLP is not selective. We condemn all violence and we do so without reference to context. Rioting is wrong, petrol bombing is wrong, pipe-bombing is wrong, and no provocation can make it right, no grievance can excuse it, no concerns about culture or heritage can explain it away."

Sir Hugh Orde, PSNI chief constable:"[the violence was] one of the most dangerous riot situations in the history of policing in the United Kingdom... We did not call anyone on to the streets of Belfast, and those that did must bear substantial responsibility for the disorder that became inevitable with the catalyst of a disputed march... We are also clear that UDA and UVF factions were out there taking advantage of that situation."

Dawson Bailie, the district master of the Orange Order in Belfast: "As far as I'm concerned the people to blame for that are the secretary of state, the chief constable and the Parades Commission, fairly and squarely... I'm not condemning anything at this moment in time... I don't accept any responsibility for calling people out on the streets to assist us. I feel entirely blameless."

Peter Hain, Northern Ireland Secretary: "I would have thought all responsible political leaders, especially those who aspire to govern Northern Ireland in a devolved ministerial capacity, as I want them to do, should be on the side of law and order and on the side of the police and speaking up for the police in these circumstances. There's been a deathly silence from all the major political parties which I think speaks for itself."

Compiled by Kathy Masterson