Tonight panellists, 17th of Feburary 2010

Tonight panellists, 17th of Feburary 2010

Topic: Status of Women

Susan McKay
Susan McKary was appointed head of the National Women's Council of Ireland in March 2009. Previously, she had worked as northern editor with the Sunday Tribune, and is the author of a number of books on a range of topics.

McKay on the Iris Robinson scandle

Ailbhe Smyth
Ailbhe Smyth is a senior lecturer at the UCD Women's Education Research and Resource Centre (WERRC), and the organiser of the Feminist Open Forum. She has written extensively on Women's Status in Ireland and further afield. She is the editor of the Feminist Theory academic journal, and the author of several books concerned with Women's studies. She was honoured as grand marshall of Dublin's Pride parade in 2009.

A lenghty 2002 interview with Ailbhe Smyth

Marie Mulholland
A native of North Belfast, Marie Mulholland has worked in community development, social justice politics and equal rights activism. She is the Author of 'The Politics and Relationships of Kathleen Lynn'.

Pat O'Connor
Pat O'Connor is an author and academic with an expertise in Women's Studies. She is the author of 'Emerging Voices-Women in Contemporary Irish Society' (1998). She has worked as the director of the MA course in Women's Studies at the University of Limerick. She has also worked with the ESRI and the University of London.