Texts and emails, Wednesday 16 December 2009

Topic: The 'Tonight' newspaper awards

Judges: Marie-Louise O'Donnel (DCU)l, John Bisset (community Development Worker and author), Sinead Pentony (TASC), Ivan Yates
Below are some of the messages received by the programme. In 2010 we will be hosting a liveblog of the show on Politico.ie

RTE and the media in general have failed to tackle the basis behind the dearth of leadership. Brian cowen at least a year ago should have cut his salary to one and twenty thousand he still has not grasped the essence of leadership from the front. eugene ff suporter donegal

Those.. bishops who covered up abuse too should be before the courts with the abusers . And same sentence handed down with 10 years added. 

Anne Ryan, Kilkenny


Could you ask brendan keenan how he did not manage to predict in any way the scale of the economic collapse and indeed cheerled some of the celtic tigers worst excesses? James

brian and his party are pushing everything through with his ff party like dictators they have the votes no one can stop them

The government should be ashamed. They're giving 100 million for climate change fund and cutting welfare. Tds etc have 2 wages coming in. Frances. Laois

It is a pleasure to listen to ivan yeats there is not one word i would disagree with people should tune into news talk to hear him and claire everyday it has to be the best radio from maura

Ivan yates is typical of the well, off he like the people running the country will never know a poor day . Ask him to live on 200 euro a week and see will he agree with what the government did then. shame on them all. Alma in kilkenny.

You have a man on your panel. Making a fortune out of gambling.... He is looking well on the receipts for same. God help tonight famalies Who have not the money for a hot meal ...due to gambling at his outlets and casinos... Anne. Kilkenny

Personally I think Diarmuid Doyle was another great journalist with the Sunday Tribune. The indo is a rag mag and yes I agree with the panel that the examiner is a good and fair play paper, but fair play to the Tribune. Maria

Can you please ask how many pensions ivan yates is drawing down now and how much is he entitled to draw? does he think that political pensions are justifiable when the blind and disabled are being kicked by this government? Gabriel Roscommon

I recommend you change the name of the show to Tonight with Mary Louise O Donnell, she is on so often and talks too much! Some fresh faces please! Mike, Cork

Why dont the media highlight the fact we have so many people claiming benefits as a way of life and have no intention of working. They are making life harder for honest benefit claimants who cant find work but want to work. Alex in Laois

In the main the media in print and RTE have run a campaign against the low paid and poor. This from large earners such as Brendan O Connor and Eoghan Harris

the media have not acknowledged the fact the spin coming from government bodies such as the nca blaming retailers is just deflecting the blame from the real culprits. The government. Alex in Laois

In my opinion the mainstream print media are pursuing a right wing agenda regarding the banking crisis editorial after editorial applauding cuts in pay and no outrage at the frauds committed by banks . Happy Xmas by the way