Texts and Emails Thursday 10 June 2010

Vincent is joined by Fianna Fail Minister Pat Carey to discuss Brian Cowen's position. Also joining the discussion is Fine Gael spokesperson on education Richard Bruton, Irish Independent political editor Fionan Sheehan and Irish Times political correspondent Deaglán de Bréadún.

Kick fianna fail out and let people decide who should take over I am sick of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.

Go on Richard Bruton you're the man for Enda’s job! 

Darren, Cork

I will vote FG if R Bruton was leader - never while Enda is there.

Vincent or Bruton as leader of FG would be a huge boost for them. FF finished I hope. They are d gods of spoof and spin.

I hope Richard hasn’t got my xmas bonus on that team.

Time now for the brass necks, thick skin, time to tough it out boys. We are getting away with it lads. Nearly there ha-ha. No more tribunals, no paper trails. We OWN the banks now with 400 billion - guaranteed - to play with.
The Sting.

Newman/Redford not as good as Bertie/Brian. (Was in stitches when I saw the polls. Nearly choked laughing. Now who thought of THAT one? Pressure off, the Blueshirts are infighting again. Now if we can get our Union friends to rock the Labour Boat. They owe us one!

Please stop your guests from swaying from side to side in their chairs, like many others it makes me seasick.

Vincent there is no leadership in this government.
Michael, Co Cork

Ask John Bruton why is he afraid to be leader of Fine Gael.

I sincerely believe Pat Carey cannot hear the words that are coming out of his mouth – unbelievable!
Mag Ryan, Cork

We could be seeing the destruction of Fianna Fall party! Like Nero they fiddled while Ireland burned (literally!)

Bulgaria and Vietnam can borrow money more cheaply than Ireland. What does that say about government corrective measures over the last 18 months?
Martha, Cork

People are very critical of Fine Gael but people are not giving them a chance.

The real question is: How many foetuses has this caring, pro-life State of ours aborted through a combination of defective machinery and negligent medics?

God help us if Fianna Fail get in next time but then that wont happen.

Carey is a comedian FF who took us to the height of wealth and greed to the depths of bankruptcy and they accuse Labour of bringing this country all over the place.

Party politics in Ireland has reached its final epoch. We as a nation must abandon ideology of right and left and rebuild nation with community based on care and polices of compassion and egalitarianism.

Wouldn’t let F.F or FG .run a bath let alone the country. They would leave plug out.

My father who was an active member of Fianna Fail left it in 1949 and told us as very young children never to vote for the party as they were as crooked as a corkscrew. How true.

Brian Cowen will win Tuesday, Fine Gael and Labour gone.
John, Offaly.

Despite the question of Kenny's leadership, I have no doubt that, secretly, most Fine Gael and Labour supporters will be delighted that the FF Lemmings are going to stick with their 'Great Leader' as they blindly follow him over the cliff.
Tom, Rathfarnham.

How many women also died due to a lack of state help and resources, as the Government and POLITICANS were too busy stuffing their pockets to ever give a sxxt?

Fine Gael needs confident leadership. And so must make the necessary change. God save us from Labour. Will it take a military coup to set our still infant state on its correct course?

If Kenny was to go down the populist root like Gilmore his ratings too would soar but the country would be finished. Give me honesty every time. Kenny for Taoiseach.
Michael, Dublin

God please find us someone with some sort of common sense and decent morals to run our country and make sure when this lot leave office they don’t receive any pensions or state cars.

Fine Gael need to get rid of Kenny if they are going to get anywhere.
Mary, Enniscorthy

You don’t read out texts. what’s the point?

The people of Ireland have spoken the figures prove Brian Cowen has wrecked our country get him out. I’ve said it time again, the man to get things done is Eamon Gilmore, god I’m so angry we the ordinary people have to suffer for Cowen's cock up! Out with Fianna Fail.

E. Gilmore will go into power with F. Fail like D. Spring. Fine Gael the only alternative.

Richard and FG, will ye get a grip! Get in new blood, e.g. Reilly or Vradkar as a Leader that young voters can take to and don’t be left asking' WHY, (again) after the next election.

What are the odds on Enda Kenny doing a Pat Rabbite by stepping down in the interests of the party?
Bob, Dublin.

Pat Carey of F Fail has said tonight that F Fail has the best interests of the country at heart. This is utter bull. Tonight F Fail has announced that rent allowance is to be cut by 38 per cent or 238 euro per month. Apparently this cut reflects changes in the rental market according to F Fail. Vincent, my sister who claims rent allowance pays 187 euro per week. She asked her landlord to reduce her rent. He duly did. Now she pays 185 euro per week. The sum total of two euro saved. Now she only has to find 236 euro. F Fail get lost.
Noel, Roscommon

The only reason Irish people haven’t taken 2 the streets in protest is because they are all spineless.

Vincent is Pat Carey seriously suggesting Labour could ruin the economy worse than Fianna Fail, what a joke.
Bren, Tallaght.

Enda Kenny should hand over to Richard Bruton for the sake of the country.
David, Dublin.

Pat Carey has some cheek running down Labour and Fine Gael when his party ruined our country for generations to come!

All of the so called 'transformative policies' apart from health are not transformative at all, many ideas in new era are already Gov policy thanks to Greens and FG policy on political reform is weak and includes ill thought out elements such as abolishing Seanad.

Fine Gael are a party of stuck up blue shirts.
Larry, New Ross.

Any person who is able to vote and doesn’t should be given a 10 euro bill, this would make sure of a high turnout on election day.
Dave, Enniscorthy

I agree. The present Gov. has no mandate. call an election now & have a Labour led coalition Gov to get us out of this mess.

Where are the Garda in all this?

They’re not in government 4 the good of the people but 4 the good of their pockets.

Eleven years ago. Child protection laws were brought in. Since then. The Government never ONCE checked the reports of the safety of kids in state care.

They don’t have the nerve to make a move.
Liz, Cork .

Vincent the people deserve election.

Fine Gaels problem is its leader. Ask the people...

The present establishment need a glorious kick in the arse.


I’m aware of another banking mess and I cant get anyone to listen. Gerardine, Abbeyfeale.

Vincent my name is Stephen O Toole from Tallaght. And I’m with everyone in saying there are no leaders in the main parties. Kenny, Cowen and the clown Gilmore are behind the times and out of time.

We need an alternative to right wing policies. Fine Gael offer more of the same.

Throw all them out of Gov one of them is the same as the next Enda Kenny is there for 40 yrs and leader my eye put a women in there or maybe Sinn Fein but out the gap Vincent with them lot.

Jobs jobs that’s what people want.

Thank god we are seeing a shift to the left finally. Roll on the election. Have decided not to sit on my ass and get out and work for change. I see both FF and FG attacking Labour already.
Tom, Dublin.

Richard Bruton should be F.G. leader. Enda Kenny is the reason for their poor ratings.

We don’t want any of these Parties. There are more criminals in the Dail and the Seanad than Mountjoy.

If fianna fail were at zero it would not make one pit of difference as they are completely indifferent towards the people of this country.

Enda Kenny is a decent person with no smell unfortunately mud sticks and there is a lot of it thrown at him.
Marie Shortall, Kilkenny

We need a general election sooner rather than later.

Vincent you are really showing your colours I always knew you were against Fianna fail. You are out to get them. Give them credit they are making the hard decisions and people are not liking that. But Pat is right things are turning the corner.

The most frustrating thing about all the mess Brian Cowen has put us in is that the people of Ireland did not utilise the clause in the statute which allows the people to sack the govt. Why should we have to rely on other politicians to do it when most of them cannot be trusted? This country is an embarrassment in Europe. The govt fat cats should be ashamed of themselves.

Enda Kenny will never take power. Nobody thinks he's credible.

How do we allow a TD to employ his wife as secretary and we pay her 80,000 salary on top of the TD's huge salary? With all the unemployment in the country these people could employ two people for that.

Fine Gael have squandered the single best opportunity to run the country because they cannot accept that Enda Kenny is not a credible leader following the George Lee debacle.
Rob Chester

Please ask Carey why all FF politicians start their non responses with either "Look" or “Hold on" every one of them to a man including Coughlan and Hannafin. Also. The electorate voted for Bertie as govt leader and not Biffo. This Green voter will vote Labour at next opportunity. Sergeant and Gormley are every bit the fluffers FF are.
Tom Nolan, Carrickmacross.

Why is Bertie being let off? Cowen should not be allowed to avail of the Nuremberg defence but don't forget who was in charge and who told detractors of his bubble economics to 'shoot themselves'. And all for vanity.
David Conroy, Dublin 9.

The gov took every thing on the poor man they are in cuckoo land let Labour in to run the country Vincent you should run for gov.

Brian Cowen has to be given a chance to do his job. Our national debt was reduced during the boom. He made decisions based on available info.
Peter Kelly.

The only difference between Brian Cowen's interview tonight with Miriam O’ C and Bertie Ahern's famous interview with Brian Dobson was that Brian Cowen did not cry!!!
Jim Keely.
Typical ff they did ruin the country all cowboys should be tried like criminals health and wealth of country set back 20 years.

Sgt Biffo’s lonely heart club band should now f..ck off. Think of the album cover.

The government are a disgrace. Minister Caffery is for rural affairs why is he shutting down our bogs and stopping turf cutting himself and John Gormley are a shame to Irish culture. Great show Vincent.

Vincent leave Fine Gael alone! I respect them and Labour! They didn’t ruin the country, Fianna Fall did! I trust Enda Kenny and Eamon Gilmore!

If fianna fail had the good of the country at heart they would let the people speak.
Jon, Mayo

Vincent the poll indicates the public have realised fine gael and fianna fail both espouse the same failed right wing policies.
Bren, Tallaght.

The truth is if fine gael were any good they would have toppled the gov long ago. We need a national gov with a few brains rather than tonnes of brawn.
Brid, Mayo

I saw a drowning man being interviewed by Marian tonight and felt sorry for an incompetent honest man! Where is his previous incompetent and crooked boss "fingers Aherne"?
Tom, Templeogue.

We would all vote in anyone who would take normal pay. €196. Taxpayers are fed up of paying for gov jet etc. Let Mary Harney pay for 2 seats.

Fine Gael wont get the angry ff votes cos a lot of ff people will never vote fg.

Vincent FF say they have major confidence in both their leader up to next Gen Election and beyond. Numbers don’t seem to stack up for vote of confidence at all. Bit unfair to attack one man shouldn’t it be on a collective basis if being put down by an opposition to make it fair?
Finbar, Sallybrook Cork

Why doesn’t the bankers or fianna fail go to jail to answer the questions when they lied.

Brian Cowen wasn’t elected, Bertie just tapped him on the shoulder.

If the government is left alone, things will be ok. The other gougers haven't a clue.
Chris, Tullamore.

First we must get rid of the Senate what a waste of tax payers money.
Mike Crowley, Midleton.

What Pat Carey is saying is bull-shit try living on €196 per week.


Haughey we know about him, Bertie had no bank account and know little bout him, Cowen well, just cant cover up. Lost cause for gods sake any one who voted for them help sink us.

I have voted fine gael all my life but cannot again until their leader changes. He lacks charisma and leadership.
Andrew Wolahan

I knew John Bruton could not get by an interview without saying public service.

The reason is FG will share power with the Greens

I am sickened by the contempt of fianna fail for public opinion. Call an election and face the public. Look for the mandate you -wrongly - believe you have.

Its time for ff to go.

Enda kenny. Has not leadership quality. He has to go as they will get no where with him as the type of leader that he is.
Ann, Co. Clare.

Fair play should be given to all - including FF. The country would never have been well off without FF. The media have been blatantly ignoring the fact that it was the people who voted them in and the same people will re-elect or reject them based on their record at the end of their term, we don't jump ship half way through. Larry Butler (not the senator).

What planet is that FF'er from? Cowen out- do the honourable thing.

Hi Vincent. They all should be sacked and let Labour in. Fine fail are just codding the country. They’re a joke.

Enda Kenny, as a leader, is too weak to lead the next government. He must go.

Pat Carey’s away with the fairies.
Dec, Finglas.

They're not 'tapping into it' because they are all full of bulls*it and we see through the lot of them!

If FF are not afraid of an election why won’t they have the bi elections.
Sean, Cork.

Bruton, where is George Lee?
A Farrell.

Kenny must go.

Two words for FF.. Get out.

Vincent blame the dept of finance big boys who feed the politicians. Secondly Vincent do you really think that the other guys would have done any better. And now who are a better alternative? Finally vincent my mum said tell Richard shaft Enda and your party will have a chance.
Jane Molloy.

Most reasonable people were happy to take part in the boom and voted in the government and bought in to the whole thing and are now happy to have someone to blame.

Leave Brian Cowen alone Vincent. If you and Fionnan Sheahan know it all, why don't you two go into politics? You make me sick. It's much easier to criticise running a country than to run it. You cowards have chosen to the easier option.
Neil, Galway.

We need a dynamic leader in Fine Gael. We need honesty and integrity and clarity.

Why is nobody pointing to fact that FG never called for policies to stop the overheating? In particular in relation to property and to income tax cuts. They are not credible in proposing the no confidence motion, nor to lead next gov.

What planet is that F.F member on that we are on the path of recovery and they’re borrowing 50 million a day, when do we start paying that back?

I think Pat Carey needs to go to Specsavers if he thinks the population can't see who has bankrupted the country.

Brian Cowan has a better record than Vincent if we look at Vincent’s record in positions of leadership....and we are still hearing the same old trite arguments. Grow up and stop acting like an adolescent.
John S. Delgany

Its a joke that Biffo got his job by default only 6 months into term. The ultimate diversion to hide Bertie’s corruption. Who can bring the powers that be and their buddies to justice? Treason is something that rings very loud in many heads. The least we could have is a re-election. Little chance though.

Mr Brown should stop acting like a Nazi. The other media people like smart alecs. Strange like a pack of dogs attacking one dog, so one Fianna Fail attacked by the rest. An extremely negative man and program. The country needs positive in put from media. Not media trying to talk about next leader. That’s the public’s job not media.

Mullingar marching Saturday to save their hospital because Brian Cowan wants all services moved to Tullamore.

God help us all our government are so out of touch with the ordinary person. They all need to read and understand the original draft of the Irish constitution.

I voted FF all my life and I’m disgusted with the way they have destroyed our country get rid of them now before they do anymore damage.
Alma, Kilkenny.

Why are us Irish people so naive these people are all as thick as thieves and will do anything for their 30 pieces of silver what a waste our country is going down the tubes and there is no leader in any of the parties. I’m ashamed to be Irish.

How can Pat Carey say we are recovering when today they announced reduction in rent allowance hitting the poor again?
Ann Murphy

A lot of talk on the radio today was of the nuclear option ,opposition withdrawal from the dial ,what does Richard think of this?
Mike Burke, Clare.

Pat Carey says FF reformed banking ha ha the same people are still running the banks that got up into this mess.
Christy Quinn, Rathcoole.

Fine Gael of course is a viable alternative.

A general election must be called. There has been no leadership what so ever. We would have been better off with the American circus running the country. Families ruined...and the top brass cant even admit to their mistakes. I’m a mature student, and don’t plan to stay in this country paying for their mistakes. We want our country back. The republic that our fore fathers fought for. Shame on brian cowen and his group of cronies.

Fianna Fall ruined our country for generations to come! I want to tell them we don’t trust them and they should go! I’m happy with either Fine Gael or Labour because I trust them. Sick of Fianna Fall s stack of scandals and this is last straw. People don’t trust them!

Pat Carey. Give up. Ur lost. Know u as a good man but why keep flogging a dead horse? Vincent your brill!
Ann Maguire, Dublin

Vincent, admit it, you are raging that, despite FF's mistakes, FG are languishing below Labour! Reason? We all know that Kenny is no FitzGerald, Dukes or even Noonan.
Andrew, Dun Laoghaire.

Nobody cares who got this country into the mess its in, the people will answer at the next election, we want 2 know has anybody any ideas how 2 get jobs 4 our young people.
Antoinette, Co. Tipp

Could you please tell that person who said FF created more jobs that a shocking 30% of people in Donegal is unemployed disgracefully.
Eileen, Buncrana

I blame FF for the mess we are in.

Fianna Fail’s arrogance knows no bounds they’re lauding their slash and burn economics as a genius move when their profligacy has practically bankrupted us.
Where else in Europe or the world is the government and main opposition 2right-wing parties, things have to change in the country and release the grip.
Mick, Clare

Absolutely nothing wrong with F Gael. Something wrong with the Irish people in the way they vote. Look at the hooligans in power.

Brian Cowen should resign without a pension if he taught anything of the people of Ireland.
Andy Byrne, Galway

I firmly believe that Fianna Fail will win an election if held in the morning. Only on the basis that there is no alternative Enda is not up to it. Labour won’t have the numbers.
John, unemployed, Mallow.

I think FF should go there a disgrace to this country and to listen to pat defending FF is also a disgrace.

The problem is that they've taken corrective measures with the wrong people! They've become a law unto themselves and ignore everyone that can't benefit them (i.e. property developers and bankers!). The healthcare system is a disgrace, yet 8 bn euros vanished into thin air with zero follow up. all brushed under the carpet, as usual!;-(!! Worse than all of that is the way the government treats us like idiots!

Get Cowen out he and the rest of the government are not good enough to save our economy.

Why did Brian Cowan not sack his advisers who surely helped put him in this position.

Brian Cowen should do the honourable thing and resign he is so arrogant.

Enda has to go.
Ger, Limerick

If that clown Carey doesn’t shut up I will throw the telly out the window.

Vincent Browne is BRILLIANT we need more people like him in the public eye to show that despicable government for what they really are. Why doesn’t Brian "coward" ever come on Vincent’s show. Well done Vincent.

Shut up Brown you blueshirt. And ask Bruton, hand on heart, if he thinks that idiot Kenny can be the next Taoiseach. Noel Naughton

Tell Pat Carey its a pity fianna fail did not put the interest of the people first years before they robbed them. Plus they all say they corrected the regulatory system once they realised there were problems. There was nothing wrong with it; all they had to do was implement it.
Jessie Foley, Cork.

Vincent, they’re all a DISGRACE.
Angela Farrell.

Would the Press please name the 4 TD's absent from the Dail.

This country is not democratic the people don’t want fianna fail. There not living in the Ireland I am. Please tell them have some dignity and call an election. They're a disgrace. Compare them to the men and woman of the 1st Dail of old. The likes of De Valera, Connolly, Collins, would be turning in there graves.
Joseph, Tipperary.

The game is up for Cowan. No Fianna Fail backbencher should put up with him any longer. They should use the weekend to tell him to go.
Alan, Sligo

Pat Carey lives in cloud cuckoo land.

If B Cowan killed a person his buddies would still back him. Unbelievable Vincent.

BRIAN LENIHAN will have to also accept his part in what we as a nation will have to endure for the next century by the blanket guarantee he gave with out proper knowledge of the consequences of his actions.
Bernadette, Dublin

How come no one mentions Bertie Ahern & his part in this debacle? Was he not the leader through all this so called "boom" & did he not accuse some of us of talking ourselves into a recession. short memories or what lets remember the cutest fox of all.

The people are paying the price of Cowans folly when will he pay our price and resign.
Tom Power, Tullamore.

Give that poor FF man a tablet, truly delusional.

FF know they have no hope of winning next election they are doing two things going to drag us all down with them or making sure they max their pensions as much as possible because some will never be elected again.
 Ann Eden, Derry.

Will Brian Cowen do us a favour and go to Mary McAleese and call an election and let the Irish people decide the outcome.
Ollie, Offaly

When are we the public going to see at least one banker behind bars for ruining this country? Why can’t we put there bankers in jail like the way the Americans can?
Andrew, Kilbarrack Dublin.

FF are pathetic. They are like the bankers-no sense of responsibility and of course NO RESIGNATIONS. They have robbed present and future generations.
Mac, Kildare

It is necessary to have a change - its not healthy to have any party in power for so long - by being in power so long they have put incompetent cronies in positions of power - they must b cleared out.
Marie Keenan

FF are white collar criminals just like the bankers. They should be locked up. Brian Cowen out now!

All the people out of work have lost all hope we need new thinking.

Please F Fail go for the sake of the country.

Brian Cowan does not have what it takes to be leader. He hasn’t got the ability to communicate with the people; he comes across as being arrogant, bullish! I could go on. But he has to go, the sooner the better.
Ann, Clare.

Vincent needs to let his guests answer his questions and let them debate the show ...he is showing personal anger to the F. Fail party stupid.

In the best interest of the country! Whose country? Not the plain people of Ireland.

In my opinion in the present circumstances Brian Cowan should after what he has done and admitted doing he should do the honourable thing and resign.

Pat your a gentleman you have worked well to get where you are, your an honest man, I’m proud of you.

The arrogance of Fianna Fail is astonishing!
Martha, Cork

I have voted f fail for the last 18 years. I’ll never vote for them again nor will I vote for any other party because they have nothing to offer that’s different to f fail.
Kevin, Roscommon

How come Pat Carey's department has been expanded in fact doubled despite the recommendation that it should be scrapped?
Gerry, Monaghan

Vincent thank u for asking all the right questions. The entire government should be booted out n all salaries, allowances, pensions taken from them. Shame on Brian Cowen n all his colleagues. Out out out.

Anglo Irish bank was saved so that the FF party would not go into melt down. FF do not care about the country only there own accounts.
Good on u Vincent.

F.F and F.G just no good. Why do we have the enormous HSE and thousands in Dept of Health???

We owe it to our future generations never to let this shower see power again. How indignant is Cowen? Disgusting.

Vincent still playing the blame game! I’m going to have to switch channel. He just said that FF have ruined this country. He, above all people, whom interviewed Head of Central Bank, two days ago, must not have been listening, or even read these reports. Vincent stop ranting & raving, and trying to blame whoever is in Government. I am now going to switch back to RTE.
James Campbell.

Mr Browne, the real story is why FG are languishing at 28% despite the most unpopular government ever.
Andrew, Dun Laoghaire.

We don’t want to wait 2 years for an election.

Mr. Carey. If FF are not afraid of the people why don't they call an election now. Let the people decide about Cowen and his cronies.

Why do you ask Pat CAREY ? He is like all the FIANNA Fail Government. They have no shame.
Mary, Cork.

How many more times is Mary Harney going to say she's sorry to the people of Ireland!
Mick Benn, Limerick.

I am sick to death of the FF spin they are a self interest party - stay in power at all cost our young people, the most vulnerable in our country are paying for this self interest.

Despite the so called Tough decisions we still have the highest paid Politicians in the world.
Derek Keane, Skerries.

My god have these smug arrogant Fianna Fail ppl no sense of decency. Our country do not want these people in power. Must we rise up and physically kick them out.
Noel, Wexford.

Go Vincent Go.... Most reasonable people agree with YOU.

Vincent as a Fine Gaeler is a joke asking Carey the stupid questions up Labour the party of the future.
Tom Ryan.

How come you are not discussing labour as a credible alternative when they have just topped the opinion poll with 32% have you a problem with them?

The HSE - the "brainchild" of Micheal Martin - the same genius who kept telling us for years that "our fundamentals were sound" right up to the crash. Has anyone in the Cabinet a clue on economics.
Tom Daly, Athlone.

The Irish public is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Tweedle dumb {Cowen} is just as bad as tweedle dee {Kenny} we need a whole new batch of politicians. Lead the way Vincent!

All FF should resign.
Kieran, Roscommon

Why is there no blame on Bertie.

Cowen has performed badly and has dawdled before eventually taking corrective action but a labour government with increased spending is a recipe for financial ruin.
John, Sligo.

Did I hear correctly that the rent allowance is being reduced again? Please win's to blame again?
Susan, Co. Clare.

Do FF not accept that in 2007 the electorate did not know as much about the recklessness of FF as they do now, so they have no mandate now.
Tom O'Keeffe, Limerick.

No faith whatsoever in present government.

What is wrong with the Irish people? Jn. Bruton, Michael Noonan, Enda Kenny all head and shoulders over Bertie Ahern and Brian Cowan. Give Enda a chance.

Vincent cud u please tell me what pat carey and his cohorts are sniffing because they really all in la la land. Please please give us an election and ff take a long long rest.
Dee, Dublin.

Minister Carey is in another world never mind Ireland. FF is finished.

Its time this government got on their bike and cleared off its lies after lies and if the greens had any decency for the Irish people they would pull the plug now fianna fail have robbed the people of this country.

Fianna Fail are finished! So are the Green Party if they support them much longer! We the people are continuing to be treated like we're stupid! The spin and whitewash won’t work this time!

Surely this is the perfect time for the greens to get out as they are not being blamed as of now.
Peter, Celbridge.

Ask P Carey why not have by elections?

Is Fionnan speaking on behalf of Mary Hanafin again??

How can this government get us out of this mess they are the ones that caused it they are arrogant daring and completely ignoring the wishes of the people and the only people paying the price are the ordinary people who had no hand act or part in causing this mess even if Cowen goes Fianna fail must never be in government again.
Catherine Daly, Cork.

This is not a political criticism but an observation. Brian Cowen has the excuse of the recession and the banking crisis... Enda on the other hand has the excuse that...that..erm..let me think.. Oops.

Brilliant Vincent plain speaking cannot be argued with.

There not afraid of the people that are a joke because they won't hold any bye election.
Jonathan, Waterford.

Brian Cowen should be arrested along with Fingelton and Fitzpatrick lets elect anybody but FF.

Why did Brian Cowen not take the tough decisions years ago and please don’t insult me I am not stupid.

Fionnan, Fine Gael as an alternative ! Please tell it as it is!
Kenneth, Limerick.
Love u Vincent. Shame those rubbery eel's are hard to catch.

Is there a parallel universe out there that Fianna Fail inhabits?

Is that fianna fail TD drunk? What country is he living in? The fianna failures have destroyed our country.

If fianna fail are so confident lets have the bye elections asap let the people have their say.

FF aren’t afraid of the next election or the vote next Tuesday, but they’re scared of their shite of the three by-elections..

It’s a pity Vincent isn’t Ceann Comhairle, then questions asked in the Dail might get answered.

Vincent same o same o, bunch of LIEING WASTERS.

Are FG a credible alternative, but nobody from Labour on the show. That's very odd.

Respect needs to be shown to our countries leader (in general like when he is asked a Q. He is given a chance to answer fully), its too easy for everyone to have all the answers now, the vast majority of all expert said the show was going to go on. Where was he to get his advice from for the budgets, people need to remember what their wish lists were during the good times, it was all about more more more. If they didn't get it from one party they would have made sure they got it from another, like addicts. Just an opinion from a 31 year old male.

These guys must need hearing aids. They don't seem to be able to hear the questions asked! Cause they never answer the questions asked.

Shame on this FIANNA FAIL and this govt. Liars cheats and corrupt. Go go go, do one decent thing.

Can you ask Pat Carey why they are trying to close CUAN DARA, where are the chaotic heroin using pregnant ladies going to go to stabilise? The amount of children being born straight into foster care is a disgrace. What’s FF gonna do about it.

Pat Carey says there not afraid of the next election. They’re afraid of the 3 by elections why don’t they hold them?

Where else in Europe or the world is the government and main opposition 2 right-wing partys, things have 2 change in the country and release d grip.
Mick, Clare.

Brian Cowen and his band of cowboys should be ran out of town.

That Fianna Failure said all that rubbish with a straight face.. These guys have no shame.
On my recent honeymoon Cuban health and debt non existent.

Ask Richard if he believes Enda Kenny should remain leader of fine gael.

Brian Cowen and Fianna Fall were responsible for the economic disaster! They should go! How can we ever trust them again? Even now they try to evade responsibility! Fianna Fall out! Don’t trust them!

Fianna fail worships their leaders like gods. Like a doomsday cult, they will sacrifice their party for the Great One.
Joe, Wexford.

Has the entire Board of the Central Bank of 2007 been replaced? If not why nor? What does the panel think?
Tom Austin

Was the poll taken before it was revealed that P Flynn roasted the Irish taxpayer by pretending to be a farmer.

Vincent it was so embarrassing to watch our so called leader give his interview yesterday, he shifted from side to side unable to eyeball the camera obviously conscious of the debt he has lumbered present and future generations with, every now and then he looked to Brian Lenihan for support but it is blatantly clear Lenihan wants to wash his hands of him, this unelected Taioseach will not give the people of Donegal their right to vote, if this is democracy then it has failed us badly.
Joe, Limerick.

There are many who would say that 17% support is 17% too much for the soldiers of destiny who have ruined it for us, our children and our grandchildren.
Bob, Dublin.

Vincent your programme keeps getting shorter and shorter. Last night was the first time in ages that I felt your guests had time to discuss the issues properly. Why do you have to finish at 12 no matter what time you start?
Pat, Swords.

Vincent, I want to ask you something that has nothing to do with tonight’s program. When are all GP's going to have to pass the fitness to practice? And will all files b looked at to see if patients are being giving the proper care. Could you do a program on what the medical council propose to do, its so long overdue and maybe in the area I live in, Dublin 8, something can be finally done about one of the mort dangerous and negligent of GP’s.

I’ve heard Brian Cowan on Matt Cooper today and saw him on prime time and nearly everything he said in both interviews is nearly word for word .. How pathetic

During the boom. Women and kids rights were flicked out the window. EVEN in recession. Their RIGHTS don’t matter over ECONOMICS. Enda Kenny proved this today.

Enda Kenny is an eejit. Tabling a vote of no confidence against the government. YET AGAIN Kids who died in state care were NOT given a 2nd thought.

Vincent please mention the next peoples march outside the Mansion House on the 23 June. Please don’t continue the media blackout of these marches.
Peter Beirne.