Texts and Emails Monday 21 June '10

Vincent discusses the aftermath of the Fine Gael breakdown with two
former Fine Gael ministers.

Guests are Ivan Yates (Newstalk/Former Fine
Gael Minister), Nora Owen (Former Fine Gael Minister), Justine McCarthy
(The Sunday Times), Pat Leahy (Sunday Business Post).

Vincent. The national banking dept has made every one as economic serfs! Leaving cert's for building boom, is now education for corporate serfdom!
P. Dromcollogher

Vincent Nora Owen looks better every day, how on earth does she do it?
Joe, Limerick

What ever happened to your tree slot on the show?

After the Kenny/Bruton car-crash, Fine Gael are now pathetically endeavouring to paper over the, now, gaping cracks with beautiful flowery wallpaper. Regardless of whether one was in the Bruton or Kenny camp, the reality for this severely damaged party is that the "Mayo have won it" gombeen comment, was a massive PR gaffe and is definitely going to further damage their Dublin support base.
Tom, Rathfarnham

Tell Mr Yates that they are getting well paid for doing what they do, and Mr Lenihan is ruining the country with Mr Cowen so I dont think Mr Yates will see FF in government again in his lifetime.
Alma, Kilkenny

Enda Kenny's new shadow cabinet deserves a chance, Leo, Lucinda, Simon, Hayes, Olivia and the Athlone based TD did NOT impress me -EVER. The charisma of Bruton - he seems a nice guy - that might cry if contradicted? Kenny's kinsmen deserve a chance, if they curb their "developer" enthusiasm an not allow their gombeen greed turn the rest of the West into "big farms" and a half finished building site, as FG Councils played their part in the small towns?

We're surprised that woman former Minister for Justice is part of your Pannel again ! She was one amongst the most incompetent, cowardly, inactive, wreckless Justice Ministers this Country has ever had! One too many problems dragged the others. No wonder why now Crime has escalated totally out of control, because the present Minister and people like her! Pity u have invited her to your program. How could she make any sense on anything all???
Ignazio De Maria, Dublin 6

Vincent - how could you forget the number one of them all - Sharon, oh Sharon ni Bheolan.
Larry Butler.

If politics was open and transparent like Media. Truth Justice and Freedom would not be covered up. TV3 and Newstalk is the Promised Lands Last chance.

Ivan Yates Would be a fantastic party leader and taoiseach. Most competent I always thought.If the party needed him would he go back in.

Vincent, You might remind Yates that he hadn't the balls to stick to politics himself and should keep his bookie's opinions to which horse is likely to win and stay away from what he is by now too far removed from to be credible. He was the White Hope who chickened out. And he has become so pompous.
Liam O'R., Cork

Justine Mac Carthy while she has a silly accent talks a lot of rubbish.

VINCENT. It seems the more they give out about Enda Kenny the better he seems to do. And I am tired listening to dangerous experts who really know little.
Joe, Kildare

Just imagine sending Enda Story out to represent us in London, Brussels or Washington? What an embarassment, makes Bertie the Buffoon look like a collossus!!
John, Dublin

Enda did this and Enda did that to quell the rebellion. BUT..how much of it was Enda using initiative and how much was advisors guiding and directing him? I would love if he himself outsmarted the wannabes.

The whole Fine Gael stunt was just that, a stunt. They hadn't been in the news in ages, their numbers were slipping at the polls and they needed the attention. Is the media blind to political PR tricks? Wake up people. Enda got his ''friend'' to help him out. And how come Ivan is sitting down? Are ya alright Ivan? Nice suit.

None of the opposition leaders are calling for an inquiry into IRELANDS financial crisis, nor seeking prosecutions against them who were Involved.
maybe this heave against Enda Kenny was instigated by a smart Fianna Fail strategìst.
DBC, Galway

Ivan hadnt the bottle to stay in politics unlike Kenny who has played a blinder for FG.
Mary, Dublin

vincent, You pushed Bruton to rebel.

Vincent FG are like the Limerick hurling team they can't field the first team. Labour are looking more like the Kilkenny team with the best players in the country and the bench is looking better by the day.
Tony, Roscommon

Vincent, Have you seen yourself on Apres Match yet?!

Jeez Vincent, you must be doing something right. Papers are saying RTE are planning to put Charlie 'shouty' Bird in a slot against you. AND yesterday Apres Match (RTE) lampooned your show.. Imitation is the highest form of flattery Vincent.