Texts and emails, Monday 14 December 2009

Topic: Vincent reviews the current economic and banking crisis with three of the year's author-commentators`.

Panelists: Matt Cooper, Jim Power of Friends First, Fintan O'Toole of the Irish Times

Corrupt church. Corrupt 'government'. Corrupt financial system. Corrupt Irish. Bog-trotting Paddies. What's new is that the disease is presenting now.


surly there is a legal case there to be answered by the banks. Are they legally liable for misleading the general public because of deliberate strategies. Who can investigate this on behalf of the ordinary decent people of this country? ann

half pay to taoiseach ministers tds now. Half expences to each also. Abolish senate and presidency now we cant afford them. Joseph in Dublin.

would it not be great training for the Army to run the power-grid if the ESB WENT ON STRIKE?. In a crisis, the Army may have to?

half pay to taoiseach ministers tds now. Half expences to each also. Abolish senate and presidency now we cant afford them. Joseph in Dublin.

u keep havin the same old moribund tired leftwingers with their discredited socialist credentials. Come off it, the country needs us 2 b patriotic not leftwing shoneens. Siobhan

Why didnt we get any reform of th dail or expeoses? Or completely abolishing unvouched expenses 2 save money? James Hudson

Jim talks BS. A commercial monopoly should not have commercial freedom. Declan Staunton

Ireland is sitting on a goldmine. Donegal is sitting on a vast amount of Uranium ore. If that was mined it would bring in alot of money and create jobs for Donegal. M Sands. Co. Louth.

wanting to compansate those who lost on the bubble is like compansating those who lost in the bookies
could you ask the panel what the stimulus is going to be for job growth in ireland moving forward on a five to ten year plan patrick co laois

if there was a general election - please god there will be - can the new government legally reverse out of nama? Tj in tallaght

From time to time, I open a newspaper. Things seem to proceeding at a dizzy rate.We are dancing not on the edge of a volcano, but on the wooden seat of a latrine,and it seems to me more than a touch rotten.Soon society will go plummenting down and drown in nineteen centuries of shit.There'll be quite alot of shouting. Flaubert.

The German man & his wife did not produce weapons. Were they safer in their home last week?

please tell vincent get real. We do not have a right wing RTE. You should be ashamed your an ultra left wing. You won't agree with anyone you has a view that dose not support left wing. Your is sickly left wing John in cork.

This has only begun. The seeds of discontent that have fallen now will bear bitter fruit in the coming year. Those who have broken trust and scattered the seed will have to lake responsibility. That will be a new experience for our government. Carmel Grimlew

the stock market today is at least 60% of its average value over the decade we are being conned into thinking the money's all gone

do u not realize the life pauric nally had at the hands of that scumb ward and if the gardi had done their job ward would have been in jail and alive now there was 8 bench warrents out on ward that wasent for his good behaviour fair play to pauric ward for getting rid of scumb

New legislatioo to allow lawful killing of rioters is a reaction to imminent civil unrest due to governent malfeasance michael reilly

At this minute Mc evaddy is pontificating on Rte about need to cut spending this is the man who said anglo bosses were heros.

what about tapping into our natural resourses which we seem to have given away for nothing. Connie foley macroom

you are wrong no one should rob anyone or be on anyones property and if you "were" sacred god only knows what you would do reality/theory different

yes the law is by far on the side of the intruder

what are u on about did u see the ursula halligan interview with bertie it was like being ravaged by a dead sheep eamon tipp

N.A.M.A is the biggest joke in Ireland, the EU if not the world because the Irish taxpayer is AGAIN having to help bailout the greedy banks and in particular the greedy developers who were allowed by the banks to borrow like the money was growing on trees, those developers must be made to pay dearly and the banks must be reformed with exturnal managers and directors


The Banks acted like bookies.. They gambled on developers and speculators and lost. (ie lost customers money on bad bets) and now the CUSTOMERS must bail them out, while at the same time being faced with repossession. We dont bail out bookies..do we? Nick.

sitting td's in receipt of pensions should forfeit same, leave lower paid public servants alone and social welfare receipents who've paid p r s i contributions, do agree rates of social welfare should be reduced for those who have not contributed to system, that is not politically correct so people are afraid to express views, annie celbridge

pension tax breaks not affected because the people involved gave too many brown envelopes in the part! Brendan, Limerick

Is it true that we in public sector on longer have PRSI benefit? If so why must we pay social insurance? Is it not just another tax? Regina, ENNIS

What's the story regarding our morally bankrupt government who rule, not govern, who are a few individuals only, and now purport to introduce the use of lethal force if the citizens who are the mainstay of this abused economy object to the mess, in public? Maebh Browne