Texts and emails on John O Donohue’s expenses (Monday, 5 October 2009)

A huge volume of texts were received by 'Tonight with Vincent Browne' on October 5th following revelations of further massive wastage of public funds by John O'Donoghue during his time as Ceann Comhairle. Not a single text was supportive of John O’Donoghue. Here is a sample.

 Whatever about his own expenses how can his wife’s expenses be justified? Alec o Connell

Where will the Fianna Fail TD's and The Green TD's be spending this Christmas?   On the Dole line. Kevin Devitte Westport
You are the

They are all at it with expenses, thats why the opposition are very soft on someone who should be booted out. Anon.

We are a mature and intelligent nation being run by a crowwd of greedy and defensive gobshites. When will someone speak from the heart and stop all the nonsense and fire John O'Donoghue , have an audit on every TD and senator, bring the bankers who were defrauding the banks to book and let's get on and have some leadership rather than have the example of our Taoiseach hiding from the hard knocks and kneeling at the feet of the trade unions in some pretence at "partnership". Best regards, Brendan (withhold surname please)

Shuoldn,t all politicians expenses be published in the public domain, and be freely available to the public for scrutiny. Freedom of information costs, prohibit this information becoming freely available to all. Tim Mullingar

My father was paralysed by a stroke and requires 24 hour care. He paid taxes for over forty years and was not a burden upon the state. Why should he be asked to pay for his care now? How is that a "fair deal"? Such a cynical spin is insulting. Why are those people who did not transfer from the Department of Health to the HSE when the latter was formed still employed when they have no work to do? Paul Brady

Vincent its as simple as this "GO JOHNNY, GO,GO,GO" or if he manages to keep his job, it should be a case of "JOHNNY BE GOOD". Andrew in Cork

This is the real world john o donoghue will survive. We have lived through a time me plenty big builders bought helicopters and o donoghue went to the races, ce la vie. Pat Donegal

We are all aware that expenses are an issue and need reforming. What I take issue with is "Why single out Mr O' Donoghue. It's looking more and more like a witch hunt. Check them all in all Parties. In my Constituency FG and Sinn Fein are claiming higher expenses than Govt Ministers and TD's. This information is based on recent figures released. Ann (Kerry North)

O’Donoghue’s spending is no worse than any other politician in any other party. They should ALL be checked out. .. Are we all ... Fools? To tolerate present skulduggery!.... God. We must be brain dead.... Think we need now to immediate action. But what do we do... Anne. Kilkenny

why would a ceann comhairle need to officially travel o\seas after all he is only just a non-political chairman: mike bullman

whats going on in that dial their is more giangsters up their at the moment than honest people ordarny people have to pay their own way in life they cant claim for trips to hospitals or visiting sick family it comes out of their wages just why dont all those t d s pay their own expenss and yes they are all at it john donoghue should be made pay back that money. Anon

, John O Donohue is from Kerry do I need to say anymore (COCKY) an I agree wit u about ministerial cars who do dey think dey ar nobody cares dey are not as important as dey think Anon

. There is no justification in any of this and if u ask me there all scratchin each other's back both fine gael an finna fail... There taken the piss or rip out of this country... Lena kildare town... has fine gael something to hide as well they should be demanding his resignation as should the greens. Anon

While i spent E9,500 per year sending my child 2 UCD no grants or anything else from the state just a PAYE worker, John ODonoghues son ,had his dirty washing picked up by black limo each week from UCD and got jobs in UCD that allows him to stay in college free of charge. My child had 2 leave Ireland 2day 2 find work. What type of a country do i live in! Its time we had a complete clean out of the aleat in this country.. a very tearful mother in Sligo .

John O Donaghues spending just highlights the problem with all Politicans partys. They have all forgotten that they are there 2 serve us and the country not The other way around. If I did this where I work id b sacked and charged with fraud! Joe , Donegal

, there should be no room in the Dail, Ceann Comhairle or not, for thieves gorging on taxpayers money. Let's see will the Rev Commissioners take an interest as they would if it was some struggling small business using company money to pay for visits to the races!!!! John in Dublin

. For the future of this nation the current political establishment MUST be totally obliterated. A totally new structure must be put in its place. If not, this nation will vanish like Atlantis. Anon

if it was any joe soap he would be sacked on the spot. Different rules for different schools. Anon

Did he buy a 'Charvais shirt' while in France ? John Delaney

And all this from Mr Zero Tolerance. Maurice Curtin

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. They are all at it. Bunch of gangsters. As a citizen i would have been hung drawn and quartered by now. We are all just sick of it at this stage. Anthony in Finglas

we are outraged at john o donaghue and his wife who are havin a great time on our hard workin tax money..he has 2 go