Lisbon Treaty: Legal Personality

The new Article 46a [47]: 


The Union shall have legal personality.

NO: Establish a legally new European Union in the constitutional form of a supranational European Federation - in effect a State - and turn Ireland into a provincial state within it.  The first sentence of the Constitutional Amendment we are being asked  to insert in the Irish Constitution on 12 June recognises this: "The State may ratify the Treaty of Lisbon  and  be a member of the European Union established by virtue of that Treaty. " This post-Lisbon EU would have the same name but would be constitutionally very  different from the present EU, based on the 1993 Maastricht Treaty. (National Platform on EU Research and Information Centre)

This makes the EU a “single legal personality. This gives the EU the same legal status as a State under international law. In practical terms, this enables the EU to negotiate and conclude international agreements, including international trade agreements and seek a seat on international bodies. (Sinn Fein).

Commentary: This is of no consequence. In so far as the EU is becoming a federal state it is because of the powers transferred to EU institutions, not because of it acquiring a legal personality. Anyway, one of the problems with the EU is that it is not federal enough, for if it were, it could be more democratic.