A second referendum is being planned on Lisbon Treaty

The government spokesman who said on Tuesday (26 August) that "Nothing whatsoever has been decided" on whether there would be a second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty was telling some of the truth. Dick Roche was telling more of the truth when he said on Morning Ireland on Tuesday that he believed a second referendum would be held.

The truth about the EU and Ireland after Lisbon

Vincent Browne visited Brussels over the weekend of 11 July and spoke to several EU officials. On the basis of those off-the-record conversations, he gives the following insight into the Brussels response to the Irish rejection of the Lisbon Treaty.

Seven big Euro Lies

Since the Irish rejection of the Lisbon Treaty on 12 June, sirens of alarm have shrieked in Dublin, Brussels, Berlin and Paris over the damage this has done to the European Union and threats to Ireland's future participation in the European Union

Let loose the dogs of war


For the first time, the rejected EU Constitution and Lisbon Treaty sought to incorporate into the formal structure of the European Union, the huge European armaments industries. Even following these defeats the European Defence Agency continues to prepare for war and plan future armaments.
By Carol Fox