Lisbon Treaty: Citizenship

New Article 8 [9] presented and discussed below 


In all its activities, the Union shall observe the principle of the equality of its citizens, who shall receive equal attention from its institutions, bodies, offices and agencies. Every national of a Member State shall be a citizen of the Union. Citizenship of the Union shall be additional to national citizenship and shall not replace it.


NO: Would turn us into real citizens for the first time of this new post-Lisbon EU, owing obedience to its laws and loyalty to its authority.    One can be a citizen only of a State and all States must have citizens.  We would retain our Irish citizenship, but it would be subordinate to our EU citizenship, as is normal for citizens of Federal States like the US, Germany, Switzerland, Canada. (National Platform on EU Research and Information Centre).

Commentary: It is difficult to see how this makes any difference one way or another. Of course there is “obedience” required to EU as well as national law, but this is independent of citizenship.