The Green event guide

  • 9 September 2007
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A eco-friendly centre in Dublin's Temple Bar, Cultivate, is running a number of eco-events over the next few weeks.


Cultivate is a sustainable living and learning centre based in Dublin's TempleBar. The centre is dedicated to ‘inspiring healthy balanced and creative cultural change'. Cultivate also organizes a number of events on sustainable living.

The Downside of Up       

A short FEASTA course with David Korowicz on how economic growth eats itself and the environment, while actually making society poorer. 
Explores the idea and operation of the global economy in the context of the wider eco-system in which it is situated. 25 September and 2 October at 7.30pm. Cost €40.

Green Building Forum with Duncan Stewart 

If you are designing a new home or eco-retrofitting an existing one you should protect your investment.
The forum, entitled ‘Energy Proofing Your Home', features green building and design experts. It covers both new build and retrofit. Choose from 10 different 2-hour workshops. The event is hosted by Duncan Stewart. Saturday 29 September from 10am to 5pm. Cost €60.

13th Annual World Vegetarian Day Fair 2007     

This event happens on a worldwide scale. The fair will feature talks and information stands on vegetarianism and other related issues, fresh organic fruit and vegetables, restaurants serving a variety of vegetarian foods, as well as raffles and entertainment throughout the day. 
More Saturday 6 October at 11am to 5pm.

Community Powerdown Course     

This popular Cultivate course aims to provide citizens and community leaders with a range of practical measures that can be taken at both individual and community level to reduce fossil fuel dependency and cut carbon dioxide emissions.
Over the ten weeks, using short presentations, discussions and multimedia, participants will explore a more ethical and sustainable way of life that values efficiency, community and the conservation of natural resources. Tuesdays from 9 October to 11 December at 7.30 to 9.30pm. Cost €200.

Bicycle Maintenance Workshop     

Damien O'Tuama, cycle advocate and planner, runs this afternoon masterclass in bike maintenance. Participants should wear old clothes, bring your bike, tools & pump if you have them - but not essential. Practical sessions include: basic tools, mending a puncture, mending brakes/ changing brake-pads and fixing gears. Sunday 6 October at 1.30pm.

Mandala Painting Workshop       

Art meets Meditation. This two-days workshop will make you discover the ancient art of Mandala, a painting technique that allows you to meditate and create colourful drawings representing ourselves.
Through the two days you will have the opportunity to experience different meditation techniques, and a lot of painting. 20 and 21 October at 10am. Cost €180.

Corporate Sustainability    

A Master Class with FUTERRA's founder, Solitaire Townsend. Learn how great communications have the power to create knowledge, challenge beliefs and inspire action.
With shareholders and the public demanding far more responsibility from companies, this class explains how companies can respond to the pressing issues of today such as climate change, which will position them for success or failure tomorrow. Friday 19 October 10am to 4pm. Cost €300.

DIY Solar Thermal Workshop 

This workshop will look at how to make a high quality solar thermal panel out of recycled materials.
Contrary to popular perception, solar panels are not hard to make and the basic materials may cost as little as ?50.00. The type of panel featured in this workshop has the capability to heat water to 50 degrees Celsius as early in the year as February and to over 70 degrees on a regular basis during the summer.
Sunday 4 November at 10am to 5pm.


Seeing Systems       

A short downey youell associates course with Paula Downey asking, “why don't things work?”
We are experiencing human and ecological challenges that seem to defy solutions. Come and explore the principles of living systems in this empowering two-part programme and discover how you can apply the lessons of life to the cultural and human issues that concern you. Thursdays 1 and 8 November at 7pm. Cost €40.
More about downey youell associates at


Green Building Course

Cultivate will run the ‘The Energy Efficient Home with Patrick Waterfield'.
By the end of this series participants will have the confidence and knowledge to make the big decisions in managing a new build or renovation. The course covers everything from site form and construction to U Values. Runs Wednesdays from 3 October to 7 November at 7.30pm. Cost €180.

DIY Off Grid Power Supplies Workshop       

How to set up independent power supplies using Solar PV, micro wind and pedal power with Andy Wilson. This workshop is aimed at novices who wish to set up their own off- grid power supplies. It will cover everything from assessing one's energy requirements and site evaluation to selection of equipment, basic electrical wiring procedures and system management.