Graduate Exhibition

Irish art and visual media students have sometimes been criticised for their lack of ingenuity and a perceived weakness in the visual mediums in comparison to their continental European counterparts. (We are after all a nation of story tellers.)  The current exhibition at Lemonstreet Gallery of works produced by students of NCAD, IDAT Dun Laoghaire and DIT blows this theory apart. Thirteen selected graduates from these four colleges explore a wide range of themes in interesting and challenging ways, producing works that resound with depth of feeling, sometimes screaming of loneliness, joy, desperation or nostalgia.  


Graduates showing are: Katie Devine / Gayle Anderson / Maria Brady / Judy Carroll Deeley  / Catherine Dolan / Holly Dungan / Aisling Finn / Bryan Keane / Caroline Kennedy / Lesley-Ann O' Connell / Ian O'Neill / Roisin Verdon / Sarah Wilson.
Lemonstreet Gallery, 15 July-15 August