Business Forum - November 1982

PORTABLE MicroSystems have developed a marketing concept that is designed to accommodate potential buyers in Ireland.

Supported by a highly qualified support team, they offer the potential customer the opportunity to 'Test Drive' the Osborne microcomputer in their home or office at their leisure with no commitment on their part and the support of a friendly support team. This concept has proven a sure winner with the Osborne 01 and Portable MicroSystems will now exxtend their 'Test Drive" to include their latest microcomputer - the

FRIEDREICH'S Ataxia is a genetic disease of the central nervous system which manifests itself in children beetween the ages of six and sixteen.

The first sign of Friedreich's Ataxia is a breakdown in the child's co-ordination, which slowly develops to a very marked unsteadiness. At the same time, the hands, head and feet begin to jerk and shake, and the speech becomes drawled and slurred. These symptoms become progressively worse over the years, until the victim is eventually confined to a wheelchair. A cruel feature of the disease is that generally more than one child in each family is affected. This can cause great mental and physical stress for the parents and for the other children in the family. At the moment there is no known cure for Friedreich's Ataxia.

The funds of the Society are used for research into the disease, and also to help some of its victims whose circumstances make it difficult for them to adapt to the restricted world of the disabled. We would like to provide them with the necessary faciilities to overcome some of their physical problems, and make their lives more meaningful and fulfilling.

DETAILS of what is being called "a unique retailing opportunity" were announced when Superquinn revealed plans for their extensive new shopping centre at Blackrock, County Dublin.

Building the centre began at Easter and is now well advanced. Opening is planned in phases between May and October of next year. The scheme is to be called Blackrock Centre, and will have fifty retail shop units and resstaurants as well as a large Superquinn supermarket.

It occupies an island site that exxtends to 3.8 acres right in the centre of Blackrock. The project represents an investment of more than £10 million by the Irish-owned company. Assembly of the site and planning of the centre have been going on since 1975, and as part of the preparation Superquinn personnel have travelled the world to search out the latest developments in shopping centre design.

During construction Blackrock Centre is giving employment to around 160 people. When complete it will create at least 250 jobs in the retail industry. •