Politico seeks volunteers

Politico is seeking a volunteer reporter & sub-editor to join a growing editorial team (all volunteer journalists). The ideal candidate will be au fait with social media, web publishing and will be able to edit dense, complicated material into scintillating prose. You should brim with editorial ideas and be able to take over, write and publish compelling stories in a jiffy.

TV3 Presidential Debate 2011

All seven presidential candidates will take part in the 90 minute debate hosted by Vincent Browne beginning on TV3 at 9pm. Below, follow live streams of curated and hashtag-based reaction to the debate.

Politico seeks submissions for European Commission journalism award

The European Commission recently launched the 2011 EU Journalist Award – Together against discrimination! and Politico is seeking submissions to feature on the site and be put forward for competition. Full details of the competition are below. Please send pitiches and submissions to for consideration. Submitted stories will feature on Politico between 18 September and 10 November 2011.

There is no alternative

There is no alternative

Raising corporation tax is out of the question; defaulting on debt is unthinkable; we cannot burn the bondholders; the deficit must be reduced to 3% of GDP by 2014. These are the incontrovertible "truths" postulated by the majority of our politicians.


The IMF-ECB 'bailout' is the best deal

The IMF are not hear to rescue us from our inept politicians. When the IMF pumps money into a struggling economy, they're not trying to help its people cope with hard times. Their goal is to protect foreign banks who would take a hit if Ireland defaulted on its loans. This has been the pattern ever since the first big bailout organised by the IMF when Mexico was about to default in the 1980s.