Tonight with #vinb: Supporters of Sean Quinn speak out

On Tonight with Vincent Browne, Simon Carswell, Patricia Gilheaney, Tom Lyons and Maureen Martin will discuss the recent Quinn family arrests, looking at both sides, as well as the more recent arrests in relation to "financial irregularities" at Anglo Irish Bank. {jathumbnailoff}

Another day in the spin factory

The Government's Infrastructure Stimulus, announced last week by Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform Brendan Howlin, is mostly spin with little substance. By Michael Taft.

Raising the floor

Raising the income floor for low-income households is not just about equity, or sharing the pain, or ‘too poor to pay more’. It’s also about a growth strategy. By Michael Taft.

At the kingdom's edge: Exploring Thailand's forgotten conflict

Driving to Pattani from Hat Yai is much like any other journey in the south of Thailand; an ocean view lined with palm trees, rubber plantations, small towns lined with yellow flags, and large portraits of the King placed outside of municipal buildings. Yet what makes the districts of Thepha and Nong Chik different from other coastal districts in Thailand are the military roadblocks that are encountered along the route and the large numbers of military and paramilitary personnel that can be seen along the roadside as one approaches Pattani town.

A deadbeat minister for a deadbeat nation

If James Reilly had been offered the health portfolio anywhere else but Ireland, the course of action available to him would have been clear and simple - either get rid of the interests in private nursing homes and health clinics, or don’t take the job. By Philip O'Connor.

The real problem with James Reilly appearing in Stubbs Gazette is not the fact that he is officially a deadbeat minister in our deadbeat nation.

It is our moral bankruptcy when it comes to his conflict of interest.

Bathing the rich

If the Government fashioned a set of tax measures – rates, reduction of tax expenditures, new taxes, etc. – to bring the disposable income of the top 10% to EU averages, it would take in between €3 billion and €3.5 billion, enough to reach their Budget 2013 deficit target. By Michael Taft.