Tories got the blues

The race for the Tory leadership is on with up to a dozen MPs possibly vying for Micheal Howard's position. But do any of them have an idea what the tories stand for anymore? By Kevin Maguire

New countries but old traditions. Emma Browne investigates the world of the 'Stans

In the last few weeks a popular revolt took place in Kyrgyzstan overthrowing President Akayev. The people were protesting against a widespread belief that there was government interference in the country's recent presidential elections. Although the president there has been overthrown, all of the other 'Stans, formerly part of the Soviet Union, still have one-party, totalitarian government systems that suppresses media and parliamentary opposition.

Sudan and the UN security council

Pakistan was also a strong opponent of sanctions, along with Russia, which has a veto. Compromise resolutions were reached, but were widely mis-reported as having given Sudan a deadline to act or else face sanctions. In fact, the furthest the Security Council members were willing to go was to order monthly reports and say they were prepared to consider "further action".

Some Loving God

This "act of God" in Asia, which has taken the lives of 150,000 people and brought misery to millions, again challenges belief in the idea of an all-powerful, all-loving, ever-caring God. By Vincent Browne

Chile's ghosts might finally be put to rest

This week, the Chilean judiciary ruled that former dictator Augusto Pinochet should be tried for kidnap and murder. It may help the country to deal with its horrific past, writes Martin Mullins.


Time for a white-and-blue revolution

This week Viktor Yuschenko was declared the winner of the re-run Ukranian presidential elections, but the newly defeated candidate, Viktor Yanukovich, is refusing to accept the election's outcome.

Snowy regrets - snezhoye sozhaleniye

To put the record straight, my childhood Christmas memories are non-existent, and the reason is simple: in the Soviet Union, where I grew up, we were not allowed to celebrate it. Instead of Jesus Christ's birthday we were supposed to celebrate Lenin's on 22 April.