Chavez offers cheap oil to US poor

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez recently attacked the US in a speech at the UN: he blasted US foreign policy; accused the Bush administration of trying to hijack the UN summit; and described them as a terrorist nation for harbouring the televangelist Pat Robertson, who recently called for Chavez's assassination. He also accuses the US of being behind a failed 2002 coup against him. Despite this, he wants to help the poor of the US. Interview by Amy Goodman

Hurricane Katrina, Global Warming and America's Health System

Seamus Deane's Letter From America: Logistically at least, Hurricane Katrina explains something about the anarchic mess in Iraq. No situation is so bad that George Bush's administration cannot make it worse, either in a spirit of vengeful opportunism or ideological fury, or bland incompetence, or that mixture of the three that Bush himself incarnates.


'Halleujah' as refugees come home

Along the periphery of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), a country the size of Western Europe, refugees are on the move. Congolese who once sought refuge in neighbouring countries are now returning to relatively stable parts of DRC. And refugees who found shelter in DRC are going back to their homelands.

The new man in Iran

New Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has signalled a readiness to confront the west by naming a hardline cabinet. Christopher de Bellaigue profiles the Islamic ideologue who wants to develop his country's nuclear programme

the Village Idiot

Former New Labour Press Secretary Alastair Campbell skillfully distracts attention from the disaster on the rugby pitch by making himself a constant source of controversy off it.

Selling Africa short

The G8 debt cancellation is not as generous as it seems, and may in fact be closer to 10 per cent than 100 per cent, says debt campaigner Alex Wilks

Schadenfraude misplaced – for now

Many throughout Europe this weekend will wallow in that great German (and Irish) indulgence, Shadenfraude, humour at the misfortune of others. Shadenfraude over the misery of the Euro-elite that a prize project of theirs has been derailed, the European Constitution.