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Ranking promises of political reform

Blogger Suzy Byrne said on RTE's Frontline Monday night that 'reform' is one of the most abused words of the election campaign. And indeed, the idea of political reform has been co-opted by every party and Independent in this campaign. How much of the rhetoric is genuine and what will work?



  • No of Seats: 5
  • No of Male Candidates: 9
  • No of Female Candidates: 5
  • Total number of GE11 candidates: 14
  • No of sitting TDs: 3
  • No of sitting Senators: 1
  • No of sitting Councillors: 4
  • No of sitting MEPs: 0
  • Population (2006) 120,000
  • Population per TD* 24,000
  • Average Population per TD* 25,541
  • Variance (from average) -1541
  • % Variance -6.03%

The nouveau-Mod intent on shaking the system

Most of those who know Dylan Haskins found him through the now infamous Youtube video that launched his campaign as a candidate in Dublin South-East. The short video showcasing the articulate nouveau-mod was an instant hit and has clocked tens of thousands of hits (video is embedded below). Interview with Eamonn Costello.



  • No of Seats: 5
  • No of Male Candidates: 15
  • No of Female Candidates: 4
  • Total number of GE11 candidates: 19
  • No of sitting TDs: 4
  • No of sitting Senators: 1
  • No of sitting Councillors: 6
  • No of sitting MEPs: 0
  • Population (2006): 133,745
  • Population per TD*: 26,749
  • Average Population per TD*: 25,541
  • Variance (from average): 1,208
  • % Variance 4.73%

What next for the Poolbeg incinerator plan?

Is the Poolbeg incinerator plan actually too small? After the exit of the Greens, the Minister for the Environment is now Éamon Ó Cuív. Within a few weeks we will have another minister in place. What will happen to the issue of the proposed Poolbeg incinerator is anyone’s guess.  Sandy Hazel reports.

Most election candidates are saying publicly that the incinerator is a bad plan, but they are in campaign mode and possibly telling the electorate only what it wants to hear. A recent readers’ poll by the Irish Times had 60-40 in favour of the incinerator being built.

Have the Greens done a deal with Fine Gael?

Why did the Greens pull out of government? And will we see them there again any time soon? By Colin Murphy.

A party that had displayed extraordinary (perhaps suicidal) patience with Brian Lenihan’s fiscal strategy and Brian Cowen’s leadership withdrew, because, “Our patience has reached an end", in the words of party leader John Gormley on January 23.

Sunday Independent misleads on poll results

“Poll: Give us Enda without Gilmore” was how the Sunday Independent yesterday headlined its lead story, reporting its latest poll results. The poll, however, found precisely the opposite. It found that more people would prefer a Fine Gael-Labour coalition (30%) to a Fine Gael overall majority or Fine Gael deal with Independents (28%). 

Don't be fooled, for nothing will really change

The carnage of Fianna Fáil will be the only interesting facet of the election results next weekend. Maybe along with the disappointment of Labour – a Fine Gael government without them and little chance ever of ministerial preferment for the Labour wise owls, writes Vincent Browne.


Include everyone in the post-crash Ireland

Inclusion Ireland, as the largest national organisation representing people with an intellectual disability, knows the effect of cutbacks and the economic downturn on people with intellectual disabilities and their families. By Siobhan Kane