Poker Nation

The Minister for Justice may be targetting casinos, but the real rise in gambling in Ireland is happening online, writes John Byrne

Delay on repairs to council house damaged in fire

A council tenant from the Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown area whose house went on fire last October still does not know when she will be able to return to her accomodation. She is currently living in unsuitable temporary accomodation – there is no cooker – with her 12 year old son. She is six months pregnant. No repair work has begun on her house yet.

Getting the rich list's money

The latest Sunday Times rich list has estimated that there are 250 people in this country with a financial worth of at least €35 million. There are seven Irish billionaires.

1916: 'We serve neither King nor Kaiser, but Ireland'

The events of Easter Week 1916 to be commemorated in Dublin this year by not one, but two new parades in as many days. In addition to the Government-financed military event on Easter Sunday, local representatives, trade unionists and political activists are staging a recreation of a march by members of James Connolly's Irish Citizens Army from Liberty Hall to the GPO on Monday, 17 April.

Clondalkin still waiting for the boom

Despite its inclusion as a disadvantaged community in the RAPID programme, North Clondalkin in Dublin has yet to see the benefits of Ireland's economic success. By Rory Hearne

The privatisation of equality and justice – Bertie on 1916 and citizenship

In a speech at Collins Barracks on Sunday 9 April, when opening a 1916 exhibition, Bertie Ahern professed commitment to ideals which his government has disdained for almost a decade. He went on to present a potted history of Ireland of the past 90 years, which even in the most politically sectarian days of Fianna Fáil, was rarely previously equaled in bias and distortion.