The Rossiter case

Brian Rossiter, a 14 year old Clonmel boy, was found in a coma after a night in Garda custody. He died three days later, never having recovered consciousness. At present an inquiry is underway into the circumstances of his detention and death.

The killing of Eric Hopkins

On 26 May of last year gardaí killed Eric Hopkins, a 24-year-old man from Summerhill, Dublin, father of a child. Eric Hopkins was one of three robbers who entered the post office in Lusk that morning. One of his accomplices, Colm Griffin, was armed and he too was shot dead.

Election agenda for equality

In a year's time the Irish electorate will be invited to sign up to one of a few packages of parties, candidates and policies for the following five years. This is called "democracy", permitting the people to determine their future and the course of their country in a process largely devoid of meaning.

Da Vinci Vode: Exploiting Jesus

The Da Vinci Code is right in according the Roman emperor Constantine a central role in determining the history and nature of Christianity. Constantine did not just ordain the toleration of Christianity and convey to the young religion the charisma of the Roman Empire.

Crucially, he was instrumental in establishing the doctrine of the divinity of Christ as the central core of Christianity.

Doubts over J Day 2006

J Day, which was to take place as part of the Global Marijuana March to support the legalisation of Marijuana on May 6 in Marley Park, has been "officially cancelled", according to a message on its website.