Northern Ireland

The Boss, the Mammy and The A Team

As internal dissent plagues the DUP, candidates have been asked to sign contracts of loyalty, with fines for breaching party policy ahead of the Northern Assembly elections on 7 March. Fionola Meredith reports.

MI5 incapable of accountability

The disagreement between Sinn Féin and the SDLP on the acceptability of MI5 ignores the nature of that organisation and the immunity from accountability it enjoys. By Eamon McCann

'No evidence' against final man accused of Northern Bank robbery

There is no evidence against the only man now facing charges in connection with the December 2004 robbery of the Northern Bank in Belfast, according to his solicitor.
Solicitor Niall Murphy has told Village that there is no evidence against his client, Chris Ward, other than that he is an employee of the bank who transferred Stg£26m (€38m) from the bank vaults to a white transit van on the evening of the robbery, 20 December 2004.

'He fell beneath a northern sky'

Sean South was killed on New Year's day during the most famous raid of the IRA's Border Campaign. That offensive is underestimated in terms of its impact on subsequent events in the North, says Ruan O'Donnell


Christmas Eve: Escape from Long Kesh, by Gerry Adams

It was Christmas Eve in Long Kesh. We were to be blessed with a midnight mass. It would be celebrated in the half hut which was the only bit of our cage which was not used as living accommodation. There were four large nissen huts in each cage. Three were occupied by a motley mix of male internees who ranged from teenagers to old-age pensioners.

Adams-Paisley Contact

DUP leader Ian Paisley responded to and made comments directed at Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams across the Belfast Assembly chamber this week in what is being seen as a possible shift in his party's refusal to talk directly to Sinn Fein.




Crossing the Rubicon

Ian Paisley faces a delicate political balancing act if devolved government is to be restored in the North, without isolating fundamentalist DUP voters. By Alan Murray