The trial of sergent Diviney

  • 9 November 1983
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From courtroom evidence, Gene Kerrigan reconstructs the story of a long-serving garda suddenly caught up in controversy, violence and the death of a suspect in custody.

A police response

Perhaps out of fear of being identified with lawless elements, few voices have been raised against the Criminal Justice Bill. Senator BRENDAN RYAN, speaking to the Sociological Association of UCC, outlined urgent reasons why the Bill is dangerous.

Inside Mountjoy

  • 1 October 1983
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The problems go beyond overcrowding. The prison is an expensive and primitive response to crime. It is not only inhumane but it doesn't work. By Mark Brennock

A Question of Judgement

Gerard Cowzer, a 23 year-old Dublin man who has been entangled in the Irish legal system for the past year and a half, is back in Mountjoy Prison, serving a five year sentence for the 1981 robbery of the Irish Permanent Building Society in Baggot Street.

Judge Frank Martin and the Cowzer Affair

JUDGE Frank Martin's "inadequate and unsatisfactory" charge to a jury last year has lead to the retrial of a

23 year-old Dublin man who has already served seven months in Mountjoy Prison on a robbery conviction.

Gerard Cowzer, of Holies Street, may remain behind bars for another year before he faces a jury again, however, because the court has denied him bail.

The Watershed Trial

1. The Tale of the Dog  It all started when Dessie Hynes bought a pub in Merrion Row from Paddy and Maureen O'Donoghue in October 1977.The O'Donoghues had lived over the pub and there was a delay before they could move to their new house in Glenageary. Dessie Hynes invited them to stay on in the rooms above the pub as long as was necessary.