The Lisbon Treaty: Dummies' Guide

The key Articles of the Lisbon Treaty made intelligible

The Lisbon Treaty is published in a manner that is unintelligible.

It is presented as a legal document that merely amends two other legal documents, without showing what effect the amendments have on the amended documents. We have attempted to simplify this by showing both the deletions and additions, thereby we hope, making it intelligible.

For instance, we present Article 57 [64] 2 and 3 in the following manner:

EU to interview Ahern

The European Parliament's committee investigating CIA renditions has announced it intends to interview the Minsiter for Foreign Affairs, Dermot Ahern, and the Attorney General, Rory Brady, later this year.

EU push to harmonise MEP elections

Ireland is to lose one MEP and is being "strongly encouraged" by the EU to move to a single countrywide electoral list system for European parliament elections by 2009. Ireland has 13 seats in the European parliament spread between four electoral areas. Due to EU expansion, which was scheduled to bring Bulgaria and Romania into the union by the end of this year, Ireland has agreed to forego one MEP at the EU elections in 2009.

European Commission suing Government

The European Commission has initiated legal action against the Government for failing to correctly copy a directive on race discrimination into Irish law.