It ain’t easy being blue

Darren Scully's sadness and Ian O'Doherty's indignation share a common ancestry - one rooted in a belief that they are reluctantly, courageously, ready to speak aloud what many people think but won’t say. By Gavan Titley.

The neoliberal assault on democracy

Of course, it is always possible, and very often the case, that the dominant media claims that a “fiscal crisis” has precipitated mass demonstrations, strikes, and new forms of political mobilisation in Greece. Although it is true that there is fiscal crisis, it should not be understood as a periodic difficulty that a country or a region periodically passes through only then to re-enjoy the economic status quo.

Bullet, dodged

My daughter was nearly born to the sound of Seán Gallagher. No, seriously. It was a few months back and there was nothing on TV in the hospital apart from Dragon’s Den, and Seán Gallagher was talking, and my wife all of a sudden went into labour and our daughter was born roughly two minutes later, safely out of earshot of the TV.

#OccupyDameStreet - Day of global solidarity


The march arrives on Dame Street
#OccupyDameStreet, Dublin, Saturday 15th October

Today, 15 October, was a momentous day on Occupied Dame Street, and I apologise in advance for the photos that really do no justice to the subject. I was running round like a mad thing, shepherding and marshaling and all the great shots came out blurry and generally looking ungood.

#OccupyDameStreet - I am the 99%

As I stood yesterday on Occupied Dame Street for the seventh in a series of remarkable days, a grandmotherly woman approached me as she passed by and said, "Aren't you very good, now, for camping out here all night, but why are you down here?" or words to that effect. At first I was taken aback, "Madam," I thought, but of course never said, "I slept in my bed last night, I had a shower this morning, I ironed my shirt before coming here today. Do I look like I've been camping?" My dislike of camping is rivaled only by my love of ironing.