The country is broke

The country is broke

The country is not broke. The Irish State is fully funded up until mid-2011; it is the banks that are running out of money and precipitated the arrival of the IMF/EU. Ireland is still a wealthy country. In 2007 the richest 1% of the population owned 34% of the wealth. In October 2010 the economist Tom O'Connor estimated that the total net worth of 33,000 Irish millionaires was €121 billion. In 2009 Google Ireland Limited increased pre-tax profits to €47.5 million, from €10 million in 2008.

We're all in this together

"We're all in this together"

The idea that we all have to share both the blame and the pain in the current economic crisis is one of the most fallacious assertions trotted out repeatedly by both politicians and journalists. Brian Lenihan said recently: "Let's be fair... we all partied". No, we didn't. It is clear that 'we' is the most abused pronoun in Irish political language.

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