An independent, impartial 'product'?

The idea that news can be "independent", "objective" and "impartial" is a problematic one. By Vincent Browne.

It is not the idea of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland to attempt to set standards for radio and television news and current affairs to ensure “independence”, “objectivity” and “impartiality”. That was the idea of Eamon Ryan, the instigator of the Broadcasting Act of 2009, and it was this Act which required the authority to do this.

A mocking kind of documentary

The realities of life for Travellers are too boring for tabloid TV. By Rosaleen McDonagh.

As an aunt of many nieces, some of whom are getting married this summer, watching Channel 4’s My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding has its own resonance. Sitting on the sofa with ten young beoirs (young women ) between the ages of 7 to 17, creates a sense of embarrassment, some anger and internalised shame.

King Canute is alive and tweeting...and he works at Sky News

The good old days of strong and exclusive reader loyalty are over, for better or for worse. By Axel Bruns.

The release of Sky News UK’s Twitter guidelines for its journalists – or rather, the Guardian’s not entirely disinterested commentary on those guidelines – has caused a bit of a stir across social media networks. The guidelines demonstrate that, two decades into the internet age, news organisations continue to have trouble coming to terms with the online world.

Holier than thou? That's not enough

Journalists spend an awful lot of time demanding better of others. Perhaps it's time they did the same for themselves. By Vincent Browne.

Over the last several weeks in Britain, the Leveson Inquiry, chaired by Judge Brian Leveson, has heard evidence of grotesque media intrusion into the private lives of individuals.

BAI inquiry won't solve the problems with RTÉ

Given the scope of the Broadcasting Authority's powers, its investigation into RTÉ's libel of Fr Kevin Reynolds seems pointless. By Vincent Browne.

It is not at all clear what powers the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland has to institute an inquiry into how RTÉ managed to perpetrate the horrendous libel on the Mill Hill Missionaries priest, Kevin Reynolds.

How did RTÉ get it so wrong?

RTÉ still has questions to answer about its defamation of Fr Kevin Reynolds. By Vincent Browne.

In March or April of this year, a person approached RTE with sensational claims concerning a priest of the Mill Hill Missionaries, Fr Kevin Reynolds, who had been a missionary in Kenya from 1971 to 2004 and who was then parish priest of Ahascragh, Co Galway.

It seems that the person approached was the journalist Aoife Kavanagh, a Morning Ireland presenter who also worked with Prime Time.