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The Tangled Web

  • 4 October 2007
  • Bertie Ahern and the tangled web of curious explanations on his finances. By Vincent Browne
  • Brent Pope on Ireland at the World Cup: what went wrong, how to fix it and Eddie O'Sullivan
  • Derry plant manufactures US arms. By Eamon McCann
  • Party's over for the PDs. By Adam Maguire
  • Michael Winterbottom Interview
  • Harry Browne on Burma, Blogging and John Creedon
  • Chekov Feeny on John Waters
  • Maggie Kenneally on inane broadcasting at RTE
  • Cinema, Theatre, Art, Pubs and Restaurants

Village Green

  • 9 September 2007
  • Village guide to sustainable living
  • Introduction by John Downing
  • George Monbiot  selected extracts
  • Q&A with Eamon Ryan, Minister for Energy 
  • Sustainability at home
  • Reduce your Carbon Footprint
  • Green Gadgets and Websites

Wrongly Convicted

  • 6 September 2007
  • Village raises questions about the reliability of her conviction and the credibility of prosecution evidence.
  • Niamh Purseil on Labour's abandonment of socialism
  • Eamon Gilmore - no change for Labour
  • Junior Ministers - a nice little earner
  • Evanne Ni Chuilinn interviews Kerry half-back Aidan O'Mahony
  • Leo Enright - Space
  • Eanna Ni Lamhna - Nature
  • Q&A with novelist Pat McCabe

Rugby World Cup 2007

  • 29 August 2007
  • Brent Pope's Introduction to France 2007
  • Ireland - Brent Pope on Ireland's chances in France
  • Ireland Player profiles and statistics 
  • Team Profiles, Statistics and Key Players
  • Players of the Rugby World Cup
  • History of the Rugby World Cup 
  • Ranking World Rugby 

Payback Time

  • 8 August 2007

Payback time for Eoghan Harris

How the Sunday Independent became Bertie's defender
Brent Pope on the Rugby World Cup
Labour - Sinn Fein merger of the Left
Evanne Ni Chuilinn on the Hurling Championship

Taking on O'Reilly

  • 4 July 2007
  • Taking on O'Reilly - Denis O'Brien's challenge to Tony O'Reilly
  • Paisley: Dissenters want him gone
  • Monica Leech - Making libel history
  • The leadership of the Greens
  • Top players in the GAA this championship
  • George Bernard Shaw
  • Q&A with Tom Dunne and Ger Gilroy

Bertie's Tribunal in Crisis

  • 14 June 2007
  • Bertie's Tribunal in Crisis
  • Greens and Fianna Fail in government
  • The Tribunal Tapes
  • Diarmaid Gavin profiled
  • Roy Keane at Sunderland
  • Q&A with Joe O'Connor
  • The crisis in Somalia

Enda under the hammer

  • 16 May 2007
  • Vincent Browne asks Enda Kenny the hard questions, and analyses his career so far.
  • Election 2007 special: Women in the election; Party promises on the big issues; Blogging and the election
  • Justine McCarthy on the Miss D case
  • Colm Heatley remembers the Loughgall killings
  • Harry Browne, Chekov Feeney and Maggie Keneally on media coverage of the election

Bertie's House of Cards

  • 2 May 2007
  • How the house purchase has deepened the crisis over Bertie's finances
  • And Election Extra: The real corruptionof poverty, neclect, spectacular waste and broken promises, plus:
    • The opinion pollsters
    • The campaign trail
    • Dublin and Monaghan bombings
    • Ian Paisley profiled
    • Ken Early on Ronaldo

Being Bertie

  • 4 April 2007
  • Exclusive interview with the Taoiseach by Katie Hannon. PLUS what his peers think of him, in their own words and commentary by Vincent Browne
    • Gerry Adams on how the deal was done
    • Redmond O'Hanlon on Nuala O'Faolain, the queen of sorrows
    • Adrian Hardiman's judgment on Frank Shortt: ‘A most serious, tragic and alarming case’
    • Profile: Anna Lo of the Alliance Party
    • Claire Byrne interviewed
    • Justine McCarthy on the victims of sexual abuse

Auf Wiedersehen

  • 28 February 2007
  • Michael McDowell: divisive even within his own party, destructive in government. By Vincent Browne. Plus: Noel Whelan on McDowell's Progressive Democrats.
    • Felipe Contepomi – Leinster's No 10 talks to Justine McCarthy
    • Terry Prone on the magic of Bertie and the politics of holding a pose
    • Hillary and Barack's battle for the White House
    • The GAA and the triumph of Croke Park

    Plus: Letters, News, Media & Culture, Science & Nature

Believing Bertie

  • 17 January 2007
  • Gerry Adams: Bertie reneged on killers' release
  • Bertie favoured Mater site from 2002
  • PLUS Sectarianism and the children's hospital
  • Fine Gael candidate Mairéad McGuinness interviewed
  • Richard Dawkins's The God Delusion: nothing new, says H Allen Orr