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Transplant Scandal

  • 30 November 1997
  • Lost hearts, troubled minds by Ursula Halligan
  • Ruairi Quinn: Less to him than meets the eye by Vincent Browne
  • Stop talking or I'll shoot by Suzanne Breen
  • The way members of the Women's Coalition are being treated in the peace talks says much about the position of women in northern society, and poses some hard questions by Fionnuala O'Connor
  • The Celtic Tiger: devouring the land that feeds it by Frank McDonald
  • Brenda Fricker interview by Helen Lucy Burke
  • Black and Blue? Yes. But Wiser? by David Walsh
  • Losing votes on the web by Brian Trench

What Have We Done? The Real Mary McAleese

  • 31 October 1997
  • Smear and loathing by Miriam Lord
  • Will the real Mary McAleese please stand up? (and would we recognise her?) by Fionnuala O'Connor
  • Eoghan Harris: out of the shadows by Brenda Power
  • The rules of engagement: inside the Northern Ireland peace talks by Fionnuala O'Connor
  • A revisionist revisited: Conor Cruise O'Brien at 80 by Frank Callanan
  • No more vanity fare? After a decade of dominance and controversy, is the Sunday Independent losing its edge? by Eddie Holt and David Quin
  • Can Ashton wake the sleeping giant? by David Walsh

The Female Race

  • 30 September 1997
  • Michelle, Erik and Gay Byrne: what exactly went on by Eamon Dunphy
  • A woman's place by Brenda Power
  • The procurement of planning permission by John Ryan
  • The politics of a cover up by Vincent Browne
  • Joe Kennedy interview by Kevin Cullen
  • Furling the banner by Kevin Cashman
  • Man bytes dog by Brian Trench

Grotesque: Charlie Haughey and the McCracken Fallo

  • 31 August 1997
  • The unmasking of Charles Haughey by Vincent Browne
  • Radio trauma by Brenda Power
  • The Du Plantier murder by Ann Cahill and Ronnie Bellew
  • Michelle is pure by Con Houlihan
  • DJ versus Ring by Kevin Cashman

John Bruton, Fine Gael's future

  • 30 June 1990
  • Fine Gael's future, by Sean Whelan
  • The Boys in Green, by Eamon McCann
  • Off the Road, by Michael Ross
  • The Other Mighty Quinn, by Sean Moran
  • Red Card for Dunphy
  • Purple Pain, by Michael Ross

What has Dessie Done? The PD's in Government

  • 30 April 1990
  • What Has Dessie Done, by Sean Whelan
  • The Magill Interview: More Bricks than Kicks, by Michael Ross
  • The Battle of Carrick House, by Eamon McCann
  • Heard it Through the Grapevine, by Michael Ross
  • Poisoned Island, by Robert Allen and Tara Jones
  • That's Showbusiness, by Sean Whelan
  • The Arms Race
  • Republican Splinters

Rising Tsars, Gorbachev's Internal Opposition

  • 31 January 1990
  • Eamonn McCann finds the progress of commercial radio in Ireland has not been as predicted
  • AIDs Diary
  • Michael Farrell finds the serious crime squad involved in another set of disturbing allegations
  • John Murray reports from the USSR on Michael Gorbachev's opponents outside the Communist Party
  • Neil Jordan speaks for the time about his latest film "We're No Angels"

NCB Ireland: Disaster on the High Seas

  • 31 October 1989
  • Race to the park by John Healy
  • Disaster on the high seas by Graham Smith
  • Murdoch's regeneration once again by Eamonn McCann
  • AIDS diary by Anonymous
  • Rebel priest by Enda Shepard
  • Hard bargain by Ed Moloney

Can DeValera Be Rescued by Ingersoll

  • 1 October 1989
  • A right can of worms by John Healy
  • The UDR - a litany of crimes by Frank Connolly
  • No free lunches by Eamonn McCann
  • AIDS diary by Anonymous
  • Nicaragua - a heavy price for victory by Colm Keena
  • Banville's book of vindication by Eileen Battersby
  • Taxing matters by Paul Tansey

The 20 Year War, The British Army 1969-1989

  • 31 July 1989
  • The twenty year war by Vincent Browne
  • The conviction of Don O'Leary by Barry Roche
  • Legacy of a supergrass by Michael Farrell
  • The great patent war by Mary Carr
  • The bard of Omagh by Wendy Fitzgerald
  • The Tony Keady affair by Paul Desmond

Jackie: The World's Most Fascinating Woman

  • 30 April 1989
  • Jackie by David Heymann
  • Doing John Hume justice by John Healy
  • Sad days' work: the ambush and death of Michael Collins by Edward O'Mahony
  • Impressions of George Bush's America by Vincent Browne
  • Black hole: how Dublin gas cost the taxpayer £200m by Frank Smith
  • Terrace irony by Eamonn McCann
  • On the threshold of the World Cup finals by Noel King
  • Very good housekeeping by Paul Tansey

Watergate Comes To Town: The New US Ambassador

  • 31 March 1989
  • The new US ambassador to Ireland by Maire Crowe
  • May will be a wicked month by John Healy
  • The Gibraltar Inquest by David Miller
  • The making of a republic by Sean McBride
  • Export or die by Paul Tansey
  • The Lions: doomed down under by John Reason